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Hero Overview

Spike Witwicky is the oldest (and sometimes only) son of Sparkplug Witwicky and the human friend of the Autobots. He was voiced by Corey Burton who also voices Sunstreaker, Brawn, Dale, Professor Ludwig Von Drake etc. He is officially the first main human protagonist of the Transformers franchise.

Spike, like most Witwickys, has a tendency to form close bonds to the Autobots and become one of their main human allies. Cause let's face it, there are advantages when your best friend is a car (such as Bumblebee).


Despite being too young to qualify for a driver's license, Spike worked with his father Sparkplug on an offshore oilrig in 1984 and became one of the first human allies of the Autobots. Spike soon became friends with the Autobot Bumblebee and more than friends with the human Carly. By 2005, he'd had a son named Daniel and was stationed on the Cybertron Moon Base. Narrowly surviving the Unicron War, Spike continued to aid the Autobots in missions both deadly and diplomatic, eventually becoming the Headmaster partner of Cerebros in 2006.

In a splinter timeline, Spike did not become a Headmaster at first, and by 2011 had focused his energies on diplomacy. He eventually journeyed to planet Master and became a Headmaster via a modified Exo-Suit. In 2021, Spike was embroiled in a scheme concocted by Old Snake that briefly saw him framed for crimes he didn't commit. His name was cleared by his old friend Bumblebee, though.



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