Space coyote
Homer's Spirit Guide (also referred to as "The Space Coyote" or Johnny) is a talking coyote whom Homer meets in a chili-induced hallucination. Homer called him "Wolfy." He is voiced by Johnny Cash.


Homer follows the tortoise to a pyramidal structure which then grows to an enormous height, and he has to climb it. At the top of the pyramid, Homer sees a pair of eyes appear in the sky out of the moon and a planet, and then it manifests as the coyote. The coyote introduces himself as Homer's Spirit Guide, and tells Homer to find his soul mate. Shortly after that, Homer wakes up. Homer later hears the voice of the Spirit Guide again, telling him to find his soul mate. When Homer asks for an explanation, the Spirit Guide says that he can't tell Homer any new information as he's only his memory. The Spirit Guide makes a small, non-speaking cameo in the episode Blazed and Confused, in a sequence in which Marge is hallucinating. The Spirit Guide also appeared in the Simpsons comic "Chili Chili Bang Bang" when he talked to Wiggle Puppy, Clancy Wiggum's spirit guide.


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