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Splendid the Flying Squirrel is a character from the web series Happy Tree Friends and its spin-off series Ka-Pow.

Splendid is an antropomorphic blue flying squirrel wearing a red mask. Despite serving as a superhero, he isn't a very competent one. His ignorance usually ends up killing the characters he tries to rescue or he makes things worse. He is usually unaware of the destruction he has caused.

Unlike most characters of the show, Splendid rarely gets injured or killed. Only in one episode (Gems the Breaks) did he have a confirmed death. His death was caused by Kryptonut, his only weakness (that he permanently destroyed). While he usually kills others accidentally, he has occasionally caused others to die on purpose. On his spare time, he does leisurely activities, such as knitting and baking. He seems to find being a superhero a pain in the neck.

Splendid has become very popular as a superhero in the show, as he is admired by many characters, most notably Sniffles and Toothy. He also goes against the villains Lifty & Shifty, as well as Splendont (his evil counterpart who appeared in Ka-Pow).


  • He seems to be based off of Superman. Both have similar disguises for their alises, and work as journalists. Splendid's only weakness Kryptonut is based off of Kryptonite, which is Superman's only weakness. In one episode (Better Off Bread), Splendid was seen circling the world and turning back time, as Superman has been seen doing.
  • He may also be based off of Rocket J. Squirrel from Rocky and Bullwinkle.


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