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Spongy is a contestant on BFDI, standing for battle for dream island. He also competed in other seasons of the show, being BFDIA, IDFB and BFB. For those of you who don't know, BFDI is a show on YouTube where all contestants are objects, and they battle for a prize. Over the seasons Spongy was placed 5th in BFDI, and 14th in BFB. We do not have placements for BFDIA, because it was cancelled, or IDFB for having only one episode released, and did not fallow the regular format.

== Personality == Spongy is mocked by most other contestants, they call him fat and smelly. Some contestants have him as a friend however. His best friend is Barf Bag, but recently he has been hanging out with Taco and Loser. He gets killed of as a way for his team to win a lot and is not willing to give his life to it. He gets tired of people just killing him.

== Appearance == Spongy is a yellow sponge with darker yellow holes all over him. He has to dot's for eyes and a line mouth with marks on each side. He only has legs and no arms.

== Good Deeds == Is nice to other contestants and stands up for them.

He talks back when people miss treat him.

He has a go with the flow attitude. Bag