Spot (Rolie Polie Olie)

Spot is the Polies' pet dog in Rolie Polie Olie. It is revealed in the flashback of the segment "Spot's Birthday" that Spot adopted as a puppy by the Polies when the baby, Zowie, was, well, just a baby. He was named so because he left a spot on the carpet. He was hard to train as Olie learned what it meant to be a responsible pet owner. He was hard to train. Nothing could keep Spot quiet the first night (not even the ticking of Olie's alarm clock), which meant Zowie could not sleep, until it was shown the next morning that Olie had spent the rest of the night sleeping in Spot's basket with him (though he wasn't shown then). It was this morning that at last, Spot had brought Olie his ball, much to his joy. His vocal effects are done by Robert Smith who later voiced Goliath from JoJo's Circus.

Heroic Roles

  • In the segment "Dicey Situation," Spot attempted to save the Bevels' cat, Dicey (who debuted in this episode), when she had gone on the Polies' runaway lawn polisher (their universe's equivalent to a lawnmower) to get away from him. She did, however, offer him a paw, and he tried turning it off, though he had at first turned it faster. Finally, after finding it out from Percy, he turned it off, only to get dizzy. As a reward, Dicey licks him clean, and they become friends after all.
  • In the segment "Seven Minutes and Counting," at the end, when everyone was ready to go... that was until Polina realized her keys were missing, it turns out Spot had them, and he gives them to her.


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