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I've got better things to do tonight than die!
~ Springer, The Transformers: The Movie

Springer is a green Autobot Triple Changer who can transform into both a Cybertronian car and a helicopter. So named for the massive leaping power in his legs, Springer is one of Rodimus Prime's inner circle. More laid back than many of his allies, he is nonetheless brave, loyal and always ready with a sharp quip in battle. He is optimistic and good humoured.

Springer is characterized as an affable tough guy, possibly making him a replacement for Ironhide, who was killed off in The Transformers: the Movie. Later, Springer develops an attachment to female Autobot, Arcee.

Springer was the first Autobot Triple Changer to be featured in the show, soon followed by Sandstorm and Broadside. However, in contrast to the series up to that point, the three Autobot Triple Changers were not featured together as a team. Rather Springer appeared usually with Ultra Magnus, Kup, Rodimus Prime, Blurr and or Arcee as he did in the film. Springer was also identified as Rodimus's first choice as heir to the Matrix in "Five Faces of Darkness". Following the season's five part introduction, Springer would appear multiple times.

In "Dark Awakening", he is among the crew that accompanies zombie Optimus Prime to avenge the "deaths" of Arcee, Rodimus, Ultra Magnus and Kup. Springer would appear briefly in "Forever is a Long Time Coming", after which taking a hiatus from the series for several episodes, reappearing in "Fight or Flee". In "Dweller in the Depths", we see Springer turned into an energy vampire by transorganic creatures made by the Quintesson. Following this episode Springer would get a starring role in "Nightmare Planet". In this episode, both Springer and Predacon leader Razorclaw are caught up in a manifestation of Daniel Witwicky's nightmares. Springer finds himself rescuing a young damsel in a castle from a fire breathing dragon. In the episode "Only Human", Ultra Magnus, Springer, Rodimus Prime and Arcee were captured and found their minds transferred into human-mimicking "synthoid" bodies by the human crime lord Victor Drath and the ex-terrorist Old Snake.

Following his brief appearance in "Call of the Primitives", Springer would make his final appearance in "Burden Hardest to Bear", in which he attempts to encourage Hot Rod to reclaim the Matrix from Scourge. Springer was neither killed nor injured in this episode or "The Return of Optimus Prime". As such, his fate and whereabouts at the end of the series remain unknown.

Springer is a major character in Marvel's the Transformers UK comics, ascending to lead the Autobot commando squad, the Wreckers.


Marvel's the Transformers (UK)

Springer first appears in "Target: 2006", when he, Sandstorm and Broadside are drafted into the Wreckers by Emirate Xaaron in preparation for Operation: Volcano, an attempt to eliminate nine of the deadliest Decepticons. They first prove their credentials by attacking Wrecker leader Impactor posing as Decepticons. However, Operation Volcano ultimately failed, with only one Decepticon, Macabre, walking into the trap and managing to fatally wound Impactor before the Wreckers took him down. Impactor named Springer as his successor.

Springer led the team as they worked with Ultra Magnus, but his guilt over Impactor's death meant he always felt unworthy for the role. His confidence was not helped when, in one of his early missions, he nearly killed a returned Optimus Prime after believing Decepticon misinformation and thinking he was an imposter. He worked with Optimus until both he and Ultra Magnus returned to Earth. Taking over as Emirate Xaaron's right hand man, Springer helped monitor the activities of Galvatron on Earth before they became caught up in the machinations of the deranged Autobot scientist Flame, who was attempting to activate a fusion engine that would destroy all of Cybertron. Springer's confidence was further shaken by the appearance of a zombified Impactor but he did manage to rally and help defeat Flame's zombie army.

Springer and the other Wreckers travelled to Earth to confront Galvatron but miscalculated, materialising in the middle of a heavily-populated human city and also running into Cyclonus and Scourge. Desperate to prevent human loss of life, Springer tricked Cyclonus and Scourge into following him out of the city by claiming to have the time jump trigger device they were looking for. The other Wreckers came to his rescue but Galvatron escaped in the confusion.

Springer returned to Earth in "Time Wars", bringing with him not only the Wreckers but the Decepticon Mayhem Squad led by Carnivac. Their assault on Galvatron's base was a disaster however, as they found Galvatron backed up by Megatron. Despite retreating, their group suffered heavy casualties before Galvatron was finally destroyed by a time rift. Springer and Broadside were the only Wreckers to survive, trapped on Earth along with their ally Inferno after Megatron stole their ship. Surviving Mayhems Carnivac and Catilla suggested pooling their resources, a plan objected to by fellow Decepticon Pretender Beast Snarler. Their problems were complicated by the appearance of Skids, who had spent so long tracked in limbo that he had brought some limbo wraiths back with him. The disparate group joined forces to defeat them, leaving Springer in charge of the resulting "Survivors".

Springer led his group in providing aid to humans on Earth but often clashed with Carnivac, who ended up deserting the group. When they heard Snarler had returned with a new Decepticon Mayhem Squad, determined to eliminate his old comrades as renegades, Springer was initially reluctant to help out, causing Catilla to go after Carnivac on his own. Springer eventually led the others in going to their rescue, driving off the Mayhems, but only after Catilla had been killed.


Due to irreconcilable continuity with the main US run, Earthforce occurs in a slightly different timeline. That being said, it is possible some of the events did occur in a different way in the main timeline.

Springer wanted to wait before challenging the Mayhems but Carnivac once more went off on his own. Broadside, Skids and Inferno convinced Springer to contact the Autobot Earthforce led by Grimlock for help, offering to join them in return for their aid in rescuing Carnivac. Springer headed to the Mayhems' base with a sizeable group of the Earthforce where they managed to defeat Mayhems Bludgeon, Stranglehold and Octopunch before being rejoined by Carnivac, who had faked his death and managed to defeat the rest of the Mayhems.

As a member of the Earthforce, Springer took the rest of the Survivors out on patrol where they stopped Starscream from hijacking an oil tanker. He later joined Grimlock and Prowl in trying to contain Superion, who was being compelled to attack a human settlement by one of Bombshell's cerebro shells. They were saved from having to open fire on their comrade by human journalist Irwin Spoon, who managed to get inside Superion and remove the shell.

Regeneration One

Transformers IDW Comics

See main article: Springer (IDW Comics)

Transformers Animated


While Springer did not appear in Transfomers Animated in person, a bust of him made a cameo as one of Master Yoketron's star pupils. He is said to have been a member of the Cyber-Ninja Corps during the Great War, and his expertise lies in swordfighting, and is equipped with a light saber and jump jet modifications. Unlike his original counterpart, he is not a Triple Changer, both because Autobots cannot fly, and because Animated Triple Changers tend to be insane. 

Transformers Cinematic Universe

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