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I've got better things to do tonight than die!
~ Springer, The Transformers: The Movie

Springer is a green Autobot Triple Changer who can transform into both a Cybertronian car and a helicopter. So named for the massive leaping power in his legs, Springer is one of Rodimus Prime's inner circle. More laid back than many of his allies, he is nonetheless brave, loyal and always ready with a sharp quip in battle. He is optimistic and good humoured.

Springer is characterized as an affable tough guy, possibly making him a replacement for Ironhide, who was killed off in The Transformers: the Movie. Later, Springer develops an attachment to female Autobot, Arcee.

Springer was the first Autobot Triple Changer to be featured in the show, soon followed by Sandstorm and Broadside. However, in contrast to the series up to that point, the three Autobot Triple Changers were not featured together as a team. Rather Springer appeared usually with Ultra Magnus, Kup, Rodimus Prime, Blurr and or Arcee as he did in the film. Springer was also identified as Rodimus's first choice as heir to the Matrix in "Five Faces of Darkness". Following the season's five part introduction, Springer would appear multiple times.

In "Dark Awakening", he is among the crew that accompanies zombie Optimus Prime to avenge the "deaths" of Arcee, Rodimus, Ultra Magnus and Kup. Springer would appear briefly in "Forever is a Long Time Coming", after which taking a hiatus from the series for several episodes, reappearing in "Fight or Flee". In "Dweller in the Depths", we see Springer turned into an energy vampire by transorganic creatures made by the Quintesson. Following this episode Springer would get a starring role in "Nightmare Planet". In this episode, both Springer and Predacon leader Razorclaw are caught up in a manifestation of Daniel Witwicky's nightmares. Springer finds himself rescuing a young damsel in a castle from a fire breathing dragon. In the episode "Only Human", Ultra Magnus, Springer, Rodimus Prime and Arcee were captured and found their minds transferred into human-mimicking "synthoid" bodies by the human crime lord Victor Drath and the ex-terrorist Old Snake.

Following his brief appearance in "Call of the Primitives", Springer would make his final appearance in "Burden Hardest to Bear", in which he attempts to encourage Hot Rod to reclaim the Matrix from Scourge. Springer was neither killed nor injured in this episode or "The Return of Optimus Prime". As such, his fate and whereabouts at the end of the series remain unknown.

Springer is a major character in Marvel's the Transformers UK comics, ascending to lead the Autobot commando squad, the Wreckers.


Marvel's the Transformers (UK)


Due to irreconcilable continuity with the main US run, Earthforce occurs in a slightly different timeline. That being said, it is possible some of the events did occur in a different way in the main timeline.

Regeneration One

Transformers (IDW)

See main article: Springer (IDW Comics)


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