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The Sprixie Princesses are 7 characters appearing in Super Mario 3D World. They are the rulers of the Sprixies.

Bio and Personality

While little is known about their personality as few of them actually talk, the Sprixie Princesses are known to be good and kind characters.  Their personality can be extrapolated from stamps.

  • The Green one seems to be more of a leader.  Her stamp implies that she is curious.
  • Yellow seems to have fits of sadness in her stamp image, yet deep down inside, she is confident and brave.  In her artwork, she appears to be flirty.
  • Blue seems to get angry in her stamp and artwork, but in-game she is more cheery.
  • Purple seems to be contemplative in her stamp.  She can also assumed to be a planner.
  • Orange seems to be very cheery in her stamp image. She is also shown making a "wow" pose in her artwork.
  • Cyan seems to be scared in her artwork, and she is portrayed as easily surprised in her stamp.
  • Red is shown as scared in her stamp, but she may actually be courageous.


At the start of the game, the Sprixie Princesses are trapped in bottles but are freed when Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad (Super Mario Bros.), visits their planet via a clear pipe and breaks them out of their bottles. Bowser captures them again and uses their power to make his theme park. Mario defeats him again and the Sprixies, Princesses, Commoner, and all, are freed once more.

The Green Sprixie Princess also appears as a playable character in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.

The Sprixie Princesses later make a cameo as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, providing their user with a fairy bottle (a nod to how Bowser kidnapped them).

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