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A Sprixie is a fairy-like alien from Super Mario 3D World  They reside on an unknown planet that is connected to the Mushroom Kingdom via clear pipe.  Their known rulers are the Sprixie Princesses .

Society and Home

Sprixies are rather cheery and peppy. They live on an unknown planet where the Sprixie Kingdom is, but which planet it is has not been confirmed. They are very intelligent, as seen when their rulers build a rocket, showing that the Sprixies do have space-age technology.


Sprixies are about 2 blocks tall in their adult stage. Despite their humanoid shape, the species lacks a lower body.  This is more obviously seen when you look through the creature's dress from below.  No males have appeared in-game.

A similar species appears in Kirby 64, but this is a coincidence.  Ribbon belongs to this species.

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