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No one beats the nerd out of Squidina!
~ Squidina Star

Squidina Star is a recurring character from the Nickelodeon animated series, SpongeBob SquarePants and a main character of its spin-off series, The Patrick Star Show. She is a nerdy squid girl and the adoptive sister of Patrick Star, who helps him with his show.

She is voiced by Jill Taley.


Squidina Star was adopted by Herb and Margie Star and lived in The Star House with them, Patrick Star, Grandpat Star, and Ouchie. Throughout her childhood, Squidina and Patrick loved making TV shows together. Patrick had his own show called "The Patrick Show", which Squidina was a director and cameraman for as well as a recurring character on.

As a teenager, Squidina started to get an interest in nerd culture such as action figures and comic books. She presumably went to Bikini Bottom High School with Pearl Krabs, who she became frenemies with. The two of them did not get along, since Pearl was a cheerleader and Squidina was a nerd. Squidina also got a job working in food service as Goofy Goobers.


Squidina is a small lavender squid with black glasses, a pale yellow shirt, and a red plaid skirt.


Squidina is a nerdy squid girl, who loves comic books and action figures. She is a loyal and supportive friend, who helps out her friends and family, whenever they're in need. She is a very clever and intelligent girl, who knows a thing or two about science. However, she can also be very envious and gets into friendly rivalries with people like Pearl, for being a pretty and popular cheerleader. More often than not, these little bouts end with them making up and becoming friends. Squidina is also all about girl power and her favorite toy is Action Girl, who she portrays as an amazing hero, while her least favorite toy is Action Boy, who she portrays as a complete loser.

Heroic Acts

Spongebob Squarepants

  • In "Goons on the Moon", Squidina helped Sandy Cheeks with her science project on studying the moon by collecting moon rocks for her. Squidina came up with the idea to use a controlled explosion to move the moon back into place, after Spongebob had offset the balance and knocked it off course. However, this idea failed. Her next idea was to use her clothes to make a sail so that the wind would blow the moon back into place but of course, this failed too as there was no wind in space. Squidina helped Spongebob try to push the moon back into place but unsurprisingly, this didn't change a thing.
  • In "The Goofy Newbie", Squidina worked her job as a cashier at Goofy Goobers, contributing to society. When Patrick kept holding up the line and mooching off of free samples, Squidina did the responsible thing and called security on him.

The Patrick Star Show

  • In "Late For Breakfast", Squidina helped Patrick record his episode of "The Patrick Show".
  • In "Lost in Couch", Squidina used a pulley system to help pull Patrick out of the couch he was stuck in. When Patrick got lost, she gathered together a ton of other people to go in there and help search for him.


  • Squidina is a teenage girl in the main show but in "The Patrick Star Show", which takes place before the events of the original series, Squidina is a child.
  • Squidina squirts out ink, whenever she's scared.
  • Unlike Squidward, Squidina is actually an appropriately-named squid instead of an octopus.

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