Stahn Aileron
Stahn Aileron (スタン・エルロン, Sutan Eruron) is the main protagonist of Tales Of Destiny. He is a country boy who excels in swordsmanship. Stahn left his hometown for fame and fortune, but as fate decreed, was forced into a journey that would save the world. He is the master of the Swordian of Fire, Dymlos. They shared a bond of friendship and trust, although Dymlos is sometimes annoyed with Stahn's stupidity. Stahn is also the father of the game's sequel protagonist, Kyle Dunamis.


A 19-year-old adventurer who grows into a powerful sword-based physical fighter, Stahn was a young up and comer living in a village named Lienia, with his grandfather, Thomas K. Aileron, and little sister, Lilith Aileron. He is a fairly ordinary boy, although he has difficulty waking up, which his sister overcomes by either banging a ladle on a frying pan or threatening not to give him meals should he refuse to wake up. Living in a tranquil village with nothing new going on, however, makes Stahn bored. He decides to travel across the world, seeking fame and fortune and maybe to one day get drafted as a soldier in the Kingdom of Seingald. To do this, Stahn sneaks out of his village unnoticed and slips into the dragon-shaped ship, Draconis. He hides in the storeroom and sleeps until he is discovered by guards and ends up being forced to mop the floor as punishment for "smuggling" himself onto the ship.

Unfortunately, the ship is soon under attack by monsters. Stahn manages to evade them and desperately tries to find a weapon. He heads to a storeroom and finds a sword. When Stahn insults the sword as a "piece of junk", he is surprised when the sword talks back and introduces itself as Dymlos. Stahn soon fights his way out and eventually is forced to escape through an escape pod. He crashes into the snowy region of Phandaria, where he is found and nursed back to health by a "traveler" named Garr Kelvin. Stahn later helps Garr in locating Chelsea Torn, the granddaughter of Garr's archery master, Alba. After doing this task, Garr escorts Stahn to the border town of Janos and leaves. Dymlos is surprised that Garr knew of his existence, but Stahn ignores it because Garr treated him nicely. In the town of Janos, Stahn meets an amnesiac woman named Mary Argent who enlists his help in rescuing her friend. They head to ruins within a snow fields and find Mary's friend, Rutee Katrea, trapped in an orb. Stahn also falls into the trap, but Mary manages to bail both of them out. After fighting their way out against soldiers of Seinegald, Stahn heads back to Janos where Rutee reveals that she is the mistress of the Swordian of Water, Atwright.

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