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Hero Overview

(John Edwards: Everything I tell people is positive and gives them hope! How does that make me a douche?!)

Because the big questions in life are tough: Why are we here? Where are we from? Where are we going? But if people believe in asshole douchey liars like you, we're never gonna find the real answer to those questions. You aren't just lying, you're slowing down the progress of all mankind, you douche!

~ Stan's famous speech to John Edwards.

Stanley "Stan" Marsh is the main protagonist of the adult animated sitcom, South Park. He is also the main protagonist of the movie, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

He is an 8-10 year old boy who lives in the town of South Park, Colorado. He is best friends with Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick and Butters Stotch. He is also one of Eric Cartman's two arch-rivals and the love interest of Wendy Testaburger.

He is voiced by the series co-creator, Trey Parker.


Stan is mostly shown wearing a brown jacket with a red collar, a blue hat with a red puffball and rim, and blue jeans. Under his jacket, he either wears a red and blue baseball shirt or a white T-shirt/v-neck. He also wears a blue Terrance and Phillip shirt to bed and a green suit for special occasions. In some episodes, it is clear he has black hair (like his father Randy) when his hat is partially or completely removed - this was first seen in "A Very Crappy Christmas".

All of the boys' hats are removed and their hair is seen for an extended period during the shower room scene in "Lil' Crime Stoppers", although Kenny's head is only seen from behind. Stan also apparently has blue eyes, as noted by Kyle when Butters draws their cartoon forms in "A Very Crappy Christmas", but this is uncertain because Kyle said it was similar because he had a sharper nose, so it could have been a mistake.

In "Good Times with Weapons", he was portrayed with brown eyes, so odds are it was Butters' error when his eyes were blue. Even at a young age, Stan has always worn his red and blue hat (as shown in "Pre-School") and even sleeps with it on.


Stan is probably the most relatable of the four boys. He has a deadpan sense of humor and frequently finds himself frustrated with the stupidity of his father and the general adult population. Several episodes show him learning how the adult world works and about 90% of the time he winds up walking away in total disbelief of said adult's inane logic.

Stan is an avid animal lover, as he has a fondness for most animals, especially whales and dolphins, he even sets out to save them from the Japanese in "Whale Whores". He was willing to give up eating meat after finding out that veal was made from tortured calves.

Stan has had a long-running crush on Wendy Testaburger. He had an unfortunate habit of throwing up whenever she talked to him. Stan usually takes on more daring pursuits just to impress her, most notably in the South Park movie where he helped form an organisation dedicated to saving Terrence and Phillip. When Wendy broke up with him, Stan was nearly suicidal and decided to hang out with the Goth Kids. This phase predictably ended after one episode when Stan realised that his life was revolving around Wendy too much anyway. After several seasons of giving her the cold shoulder, Stan teams up with Wendy to uncover a conspiracy among the girls. This is enough for them to rekindle their romance and they become a steady couple.

Skills and Talents

  • Leadership: Although there is no specific leader within his primary group of friends, Stan is often the one to motivate the other boys, due to his moral beliefs, as seen in episodes such as Fun with Veal.
  • Weaponary: For his age, Stan appears proficient with weaponry. In "Red Sleigh Down", he was able to hold an M16 assault rifle (but didn't actually use it), and in "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce", he was able to get hold of a handgun. In "Whale Whores", Stan was able to take a flare gun and fire a flare into the fuel storage of a Japanese whaling ship, resulting in the whole ship blowing up. He commandeered the Sea Shepard in the same episode and sunk a fleet of Japanese whaling ships with a rather impressive arsenal for a 9 year old, including Molotov cocktails and a large caliber deck gun. His proficiency is probably a result of his Uncle Jimbo's influence.


Oh my god, they killed Kenny!
~ Stan after Kenny is killed
This is about more than fart jokes. This is about freedom of speech, about censorship, and stuff.
~ Stan in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
What do I do? I Stan ground.
~ Stan in "A Scause For Applause"
Aww AWW!
~ Stan's catchphrase
What would Brian Boitano do?
~ Stan Marsh
America may have some problems, but it's our home, our team. And if you don't wanna root for your team, then you should get the hell out of the stadium.
~ Stan in Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants.
We're all looking for answers, you know. We all want to understand who we are and where we come from, but sometimes we want to know the answers so badly that we believe just about anything...
~ Stan in Trapped in the Closet.
Why? There's nothing but s--t on TV. Video games are all s--t and the world's a big turd. The only thing that doesn't seem like total s--t to me are my friends and they're all sick!
~ Stan in You're Getting Old.
How do you go on when nothing makes you happy?
~ Stan in Ass Burgers.
Dad! You're the greatest.
~ Stan at the end of "The Losing Edge"
Mom, will you get Dad out of here?
~ Stan calling Sharon after Randy screamed at him for turning off the console in "Guitar Queer-O"
I want to be proud of who we are, guys. And anyone who would betray their ideals, just to make money in China, isn't worth a lick of spit!
~ Stan in Band in China.


Stan is one of the leaders of the male student population in South Park Elementary, and therefore is well acquainted with most of the students. He is one of the few characters that always gets along with the girls, and was voted third cutest by them in "The List". He is respected and liked by pretty much everyone. He also has gone out of his way to make peace with his fellow students, like when he tries to make things right with Token Black after Randy says the N-word on "Wheel of Fortune" (thinking he would win money) in "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson".

Kyle Broflovski

Stan and Kyle have been great friends since the very beginning of the show. Stan seems to be the only character in the show who gets along with all of the main and background characters. They have been known to end up working together in certain adventures, such as in "Fantastic Easter Special", and are often dragged into the same circumstances due to this, such as in "Imaginationland, Episode II". Stan has saved Kyle's life on several occasions without hesitation, most notably in "Super Best Friends", and has once stated that he does not want Kyle to die until he does. He nearly always defends Kyle when Cartman's hatred of him goes over the top, such as in "Cartmanland" and "Cherokee Hair Tampons". Stan often becomes anxious about Kyle when he is tricked by various scams or becomes immersed in his hatred of Cartman, bending over backwards to encourage or reassure Kyle, convince him otherwise, or to get him out of trouble. They are frequently seen together, or talking to each other, even in the absence of Cartman or Kenny, making them rather like twins. Also, in the opening credits of the show, they sing the same lines together. However, their friendship has hit bumps in a number of episodes, such as "Prehistoric Ice Man", "Super Best Friends", "Kenny Dies", "South Park is Gay!", "Douche and Turd", "Follow That Egg!", "Guitar Queer-O", "You're Getting Old", "Ass Burgers", and "Truth and Advertising". They have reconciled on-screen in all of these episodes, with the exceptions of "South Park is Gay!", "Douche and Turd", and "You're Getting Old", although all those times they were shown to be friends in the next episode. The episode "Guitar Queer-O" focuses more than any other on their friendship, as a big argument between the two forms the major conflict of the story. However, in the end they reconcile, with no lasting damage done to the friendship.

Stan also had a great deal of concern when Kyle was voted the ugliest boy in the class in "The List". Their friendship is so strong that Cartman calls them "fags" and has even commented, "You wanna get a room so you can make out for a while?" in "Super Best Friends". It is also notable that in "Imaginationland, Episode III", Kyle was the only person who could hear Stan's voice in his head when Stan was trapped in Imaginationland though it was most likely due the shock he got from the portal.

Eric Cartman

Cartman and Stan are fairly good friends and don't argue as much as Cartman argues with Kyle. Although Stan usually spends most of his time with Kyle, there have been episodes where he has spent time with Cartman. In "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", Stan and Cartman hang out at the boating rack, and Cartman even comments that it is great that they are hanging out with each other without Kyle, implying that Cartman at least would prefer to have a closer friendship with Stan. Stan meanwhile seems to be more accepting or at least tolerant of Cartman than Kyle and even Kenny at times, such as in "Fat Butt and Pancake Head". While Kyle is immediately distrustful of Cartman's truthfulness in his claim that he cannot control the actions of his hand (which has seemed to take on a life of its own), Stan gives Cartman the benefit of the doubt and admits that, with all the stuff that happens in South Park, Cartman could be telling the truth.

In "Woodland Critter Christmas", Cartman made Stan the protagonist of his Christmas story (he is described as 'the boy in a red poof-ball hat'), showing that Cartman sees Stan as a heroic figure of sorts. In "Douche and Turd", Stan votes for Cartman's mascot instead of Kyle's, much to Kyle's dismay. Also, in "Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus", when Stan appears to be the only boy who hasn't gotten their period, Cartman reassures him that he will get it one day.

In "Fun with Veal", when Stan was hospitalized with 'vaginitis', Cartman seemed concerned and was relieved that Stan was saved just in time. This is a rare occasion when Cartman has put his friends in front of his own personal gain, as he helped Stan stop people from eating veal even though he did not get anything in return for it and would be starving himself for days. He also tells the FBI negotiator that "There's a sick kid up here" (referring to Stan) when negotiating to release the calves, showing that he is worried about Stan's health.

It is implied that in "Prehistoric Ice Man that Stan considers Cartman his second best friend. When Stan and Kyle fell out in the episode, Stan claimed that his new best friend was Cartman (as did Kyle), but they both claimed that 'Cartman sucks as a best friend' when they made up. This could be because Stan really values his best friendship with Kyle. Either way, it is clear that Stan does consider Cartman as a close friend. Also in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", Cartman wants to kick Kyle and Tweek out of the group, but doesn't want to kick out Stan, which implies that Cartman likes having Stan as a friend.

However, in "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants", Cartman declares that he hates Stan because Stan loves animals. Even so, In "Trapped in the Closet", all three boys de-friend Stan after he becomes the leader of Scientology. As the boys leave, Cartman turns to Stan and says, "I still hate Kyle more than you". The two can also be said to be friends because they admitted to "being friends" in front of the home school kids.

In some episodes Stan is shown having a strong hatred for Cartman, even if Cartman isn't doing anything. In "Trapper Keeper" when the cyborg says he has to kill Cartman, Stan asks if he can do it, and prepares to shoot Cartman before the cyborg decides against the idea. Although Stan is much more tolerant of Cartman than Kyle is, he often holds Cartman in very high contempt for his unacceptable behavior. In "Sexual Healing", Stan and Cartman were seen playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 together, hinting that despite Cartman's behaviors, Stan still considers him a "friend". However, in "Bass to Mouth", when Mr. Mackey claimed that Cartman killed himself for being fat when the school faculty "threw him under the bus", Stan was more concerned with keeping Eavesdropper from posting its "biggest story" than with any injuries Cartman may have suffered.

Kenny McCormick

Although Kenny and Stan do not seem to share the same bond that Stan and Kyle do, Stan sees Kenny as a close friend. In "Kenny Dies", out of the 3 boys, Stan has the hardest time dealing with Kenny dying, and cannot even bear to see him in the hospital. When Stan finally realizes that Kenny passed on "for good", he feels like he is Kenny's worst friend (until they hear about Cartman's selfishness). The two boys often hang out with one another when Cartman and Kyle get into their arguments and Stan and Kenny don't want to listen to it, such as in "The Passion of the Jew". In "Best Friends Forever", Stan and Kyle fight against Cartman to not have Kenny's feeding tube removed to save Kenny's life.

However, in "Cherokee Hair Tampons", when all hope seems lost to save Kyle and Stan breaks down crying in front of Kenny because of Kyle's impending death, he doesn't seem to care or even acknowledge the fact that Kenny dies all the time. This angers Kenny and makes him leave Stan to go home - which in turn causes his death by walking under a falling piano, and even then Stan still fails to notice or care.

During the first five seasons, Stan would almost always be the first to react in horror by saying, "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!", after one of Kenny's classic deaths. Of course, immediately after, Kyle would say "You Bastards!" and he wouldn't acknowledge Kenny again after that. The only times that Stan would treat Kenny's death with immediate unconcern was when he was preoccupied with something important such as in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000", and "Gnomes". In "Chef Goes Nanners", both Stan, Kyle, and even Gerald Broflovski, show a complete lack of horror or concern for Kenny's death after he eats dozens of anti-acid tablets and drinks water at which point he explodes. Instead all of them laugh and clap, finding that particular death "a good one."

In "Coon vs. Coon & Friends", Kenny as Mysterion tries to convince Stan and Kyle about the truth of his deaths and that they never remember, even to the point of shooting himself to prove it. Much to Mysterion's dismay, this does not work as no one who sees it remembers.

Wendy Testaburger

Stan's had feelings for Wendy Testaburger since the pilot episode, where the two worked together with Kyle to save his little brother from the Visitors.. even if he gets so nervous around her vomits uncontrollably every time she speaks. Nonetheless, the two formed a relationship - meeting up for Truth or Dare in his clubhouse, planning fake cruises for Valentine's Day and seeing independent movies together at the film festival

They shared their very first kiss in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut after Stan impressed her by leading the La Resistance forces into action, but after a sexually-transmitted disease scare and a period of silence, she broke up with him (in "Raisins"), leaving him heartbroken and depressed. He recovered soon after but remained bitter for a while.

They eventually rekindled their relationship through the adventures in Season 11's "The List" and seem to have had a much closer and more involved relationship, planning picnics together and studying together after-school. Wendy paid Dr. Chinstrap to help Stan with his hoarding problem and remained concerned about him when he became a "cynical asshole". Stan has, in turn, tried not to embarrass her too much at Pioneer Village and listens to her stupid muthafuckin' problems.

They've both shown signs of possessiveness - Wendy doesn't take kindly to Stan's other Facebook friends or interest in sexy substitutes and Stan freaked out when she befriended Gregory of Yardale, an exchange student, when he thought Kyle might be interested in her and when she displayed an interest in Bridon Gueermo.

Season 20 saw them breaking up (though this was not by her choice and she was forced into it by the other girls) in a gender war due to skankhunt42 trolling the girls at school and their moms. Wendy expected Stan to do something about this troll, but Stan had no idea whom the troll was, so at this time their relationship is on hold as Stan tries to find a way to win Wendy back. They are initially on neutral terms until Butters and the other boys (bar Stan and Kyle) protest to the national anthem by pulling their pants down and saluting with a straight arm. They then seem to side with their respective genders. Later in "Oh, Jeez" Stan is shown trying to get Wendy back with the help of Bill Clinton. The meet is interrupted when Butters calls Stan a traitor and "presses pickle" on the window. What happened after that is unknown.

As of "South Park: The Fractured But Whole" they appear to have gotten back together, as evident by the fact that they are listed as dating on the character chart and their continuous flirtatious dialogue between them when they are on the battlefield together as well as Stan referring to her as "his Call Girl" and Wendy referring to him as "her Toolshed."


  • Stan is based off of Trey Parker, like how Kyle is based off of Matt Stone, sharing the same parent names and birthday as him.
  • Stan is the only one of the four who has never contracted a terminal illness, as both Kyle and Cartman contracted AIDS in "Tonsil Trouble" and Kenny contracted muscular dystrophy in "Kenny Dies".
  • Stan has been shown to be an animal rights activist: he protected baby calves from slaughter in "Fun with Veal", joined PETA (though only to survive because if he didn't he would have starved in the wilderness) in "Douche and Turd", and headed the Whale Wars crew for a while in "Whale Whores".
  • In the episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft", the Warcraft executive tells Randy they need to get the sword to a great knight, by the name of 'LUVS2SPWGE'. However, at the start of the episode, when viewing Stan's game screen you can read Stan's character name is "Staniscool".
  • Before Season Four, Stan was never seen without his hat, even when he was in bed.
  • Stan is the last one of the four boys to have a supernatural power at one point. Kyle has disappeared and briefly became an omniscient being by studying existentialism in "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000". Cartman has the ability to see and hear ghosts, and the ability to fire electricity at people in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. Kenny has had the power of immortality throughout the series. Stan obtains momentaneous powers, like flying, apparent telekinesis/superforce and projecting fire from hands and mouth, when Satan possesses him, in order to fight Beelzaboot in "Freemium Isn't Free".
  • Stan has said "Dude, this is pretty fucked up right here" on at least three Christmas specials: "Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo", "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!" and "Red Sleigh Down". He says these when something strange happens. In "Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo", he says it when Mr. Hankey appears. In "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!", he says it when him and the others go to celebrate Christmas with "Charlie Manson". And in "Red Sleigh Down", he says it when Jesus is shot by an Iraqi.
  • Stan has a somewhat stronger digestive system than many others do as shown in "Dead Celebrities", since he is able to eat at Chipotle without bleeding out his ass afterwards. Cartman even remarks that Stan has a "golden rectum of the gods".
  • Stan has Asthma. In "Sexual Harassment Panda", Cartman takes Stan's inhaler.
  • Stan's anime counterpart from the episode "Good Times with Weapons" bears a large resemblance to Capcom's character "Ryu" from Street Fighter.
  • So far, Stan is the only one of the boys who hasn't shown any gender-swapping tendencies. Cartman was shown dressed up as Britney Spears in "AWESOM-O", Kyle had a female avatar in "Make Love, Not Warcraft", and Kenny dressed like a princess in three of the last four episodes of Season Seventeen and South Park: The Stick of Truth.
  • As of "201" Stan is the only one of the four boys who does not have a redheaded parent.
  • Stan is depicted as a jock by the goth kids in "Breast Cancer Show Ever".
  • Stan is the only one of the four boys not to have the "Oh my god, They killed..." quote about him.


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