Stan Podolak is a character in Space Jam. He is Michael Jordan's personal trainer and a member of The Tune Squad.

He is played by Wayne Knight, who also voiced Tantor from Tarzan and Don Orville from "Third Rock from the Sun".


Stan is extremely clumsy and dimwitted. However, he proves useful when he discovers that the Nerdlucks stole the talent from five basketball players which caused the Nerdlucks to turn into Monstars.


Stan first appeared when he was told to make sure that Michael stays happy about his new career as a baseball player.

He later drove Michael home and accompanied him when he played golf with Bill Murray and Larry Bird.

When Michael gets sucked down the golf hole which causes him to meet the Looney Tunes, Stan found a way to join him.

After Michael and Stan arrive in the Looney Tunes' world, Stan offers to help Michael to beat the Monstars in a basketball game. At the ultimate game, Stan learns that the Nerdlucks stole the talent from the NBA players which causes them to turn into Monstars.

When the Tune Squad team decides to play, Stan was eventually put in the game because the other players were injured.

The Monstars went on top of Stan and flattened him on the court like a pancake. Stan was inflated like a balloon out of his pancake state by the dog medics by using a bicycle pump.

After the game finishes, Michael and Stan return to their world to do baseball game.

Michael and Stan find all the NBA players and they return their stolen basketball talents back to them.


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