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Stanley 1

Stanley Griff is the protagonist of the Playhouse Disney TV series of the same first name, and its film Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up. He is a first-grader and his family consists of a big brother named Lionel, who plays an electric guitar, a father who is a stay-at-home cartoonist, and a mother who works at a dentistry. In the movie, another family member is revealed: a Great Uncle Stew, who owns a dude ranch, while in the episode "Look Who's Helping", he is shown to have a disabled cousin named Max, who has a dog named Molly, plays basketball, and like Lionel, plays guitar (and in fact, changes their strings when they're broken). Stanley has very little hair, and he wears a red shirt, brown shorts, and blue-and-white shoes. In bed, he wears tiger-striped pajamas. His best friend is a goldfish named Dennis, who is one of his pets, the other two being Harry and Elsie. His human friends from school are Lester and twins Marci and Mimi.

Stanley also has a grandmother who is known as Grandma Griff. She is the only one who can speak with animals, and with whom they speak, and who never dismisses that memory. She owns a copy of the Great Big Book of Everything. In fact, she is the one who gave a copy of it to Stanley for his fourth birthday and taught its theme song to his mammal pets Harry and Elsie, though in the Halloween episode "Grandma Griff's Mystery Guest", she says she can't sing anymore.

Despite being a boy, Stanley is voiced by Jessica Stone, starting when she was 11 years old.

What counts Stanley in the "Singing Heroes" category is the episodes "Look Who's Helping" and "A Billy Goat for Dad" when he sings.

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