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Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire is a student and and a Violet Lantern at Super Hero High. She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco in DC Super Hero Girls.


Star Sapphire always looks good (if she does say so herself). The resident diva, Star’s a bit misunderstood, and though she doesn’t always show it, she just wants to be loved. But hey, who doesn’t?

Physical Appearance

Star has light colored skin, with long dark purple hair and brown eyes. She wears a tiara with a crystal star in the middle over her head, a magenta pink top with a white collar and a star in the middle and violet gloves.


DC Super Hero Girls


She appears flying over the school with Bumblebee and Hal Jordan, and later is shooting energy beams at targets with Hal Jordan. She is also shown laughing with Bumblebee, Katana, Frost, and Harley Quinn.

She is in the courtyard when Hal Jordan is thrown by Wonder Woman, and is later seen flying with Starfire.

She is part of the flight class, however she is not seen flying through the obstacle course.

She watches Harley Quinn's video, and she is shown slipping on Frost's ice with Starfire and at the end of Wonder Woman's flight. She is initially angry with Harley Quinn for uploading the video, but ends up laughing with Wonder Woman at the end.

She is part of the class watching Amanda Waller's speech on the Super Hero High hero of the month.

Star Sapphire is in the courtyard next to Hal Jordan, and is later seen during the Science Club meeting.


She sat near Cheetah during the assembly, and comments on her failed attempt to trip Wonder Woman.


  • It can be assumed that she has a crush on Hal Jordan.


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