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Cathleen Bate, hero name Star and Stripe, is a supporting character in the 2014 Japanese superhero manga series My Hero Academia and a cameo character in its 2016 anime television series adaptation of the same name and the 2018 anime film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

Star was the highest-ranking Pro Hero in the United States of America and the most powerful woman in the world. As a child, she was inspired to follow in the footsteps of the Pro Hero All Might after he saved her life from criminals.



Born and raised in the United States of America, Cathleen Bate had a powerful Quirk called "New Order" that allowed her to alter reality by touching something and calling its name. As a child, Cassie's family were traveling through Los Angeles on their way to Santa Monica in their car when a pair of robbers rampaging through the city nearly killed them. Fortunately, a young Japanese Pro Hero and exchange student named All Might defeated the robbers and rescued Cassie and her family.

All Might later became the highest-ranking Pro Hero in Japan and the "Symbol of Peace" for the world. Having been inspired by her saviour, Cassie became a Pro Hero herself and modelled her physical appearance after All Might. Star and Stripe earned a reputation for her incredibly powerful Quirk and combat prowess, and eventually rose to become the highest-ranking Hero in her country just like All Might.

Aiding Japan

Do you already know what my deal is? It won't help you fight back. Because I reign supreme, boy.
~ Star telling Shigaraki that he wouldn't stand a chance.

Years after his return to Japan, All Might was forced to retire after a brutal clash with his arch nemesis All For One. Japan fell into a state of turmoil as its people began losing faith in the Pro Hero system and the supporters of All For One rose up. The situation became so bad that Japan requested aid from other nations, although most other countries were also suffering due to All For One's supporters across the globe. Before America could decide whether or not it wanted to support Japan, Star and Stripe acquired a fleet of fighter jets and journeyed towards the beleaguered country.

Around fifty kilometers from the coast of Japan, Star's fleet was intercepted by a man atop a Nomu. Although she initially believed the man was All For One, one of the fighter pilots told her that he was All For One's pupil Tomura Shigaraki. Shigaraki attacked the convoy with a massive shockwave, making the planes break formation. Using her Quirk, Star took the atmosphere around Shigaraki away, stopping her enemy from breathing. The fighters then began firing lasers at Shigaraki, although the Villain used a Quirk to reflect them back at the fleet. Star used New Order to protect herself from the laser bolts.

Having recovered from the fleet's initial attack, Shigaraki leapt at Star with his super strength. However, she delivered a superhuman punch to the Villain before he could strike her. Star then tried to use her Quirk to stop Shigaraki's heart, although it failed to take effect due to being possessed by All For One, who was very close to merging with Tomura's body to become a superior being.

Star's Sacrifice

Because you saved me back then... I got to indulge in this lovely dream of mine. All Might... this is me returning the favor.
~ Star and Stripe's last words.

Star prepared a "State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch" to pulverize "Tomura", but he dug into the ground with Decay at the last second. Her fellow pilots told her to sacrifice her own life in order to stop the supervillain, but attempts to decay her face first. She survives due to putting a rule on herself to stop herself from decaying, but All For One managed to claim New Order. But before he could it, Star took the rule off and instead set a new rule where New Order rebelled against other Quirks. Tomura's body begins to explode as New Order manifests itself as a vestige in All For One's mindscape, destroying the other vestiges of All For One's stolen Quirks and removing the Quirks with them. Star's body decays into nothingness, as she internally tells All Might that he saved her in the past, so she returned the favor. New Order's vestige confronted All For One directly as he cursed the specter of All Might.

Powers & Abilities

  • New Order: Star and Stripe's Quirk, called "New Order," allows her to alter reality by physically touching the subject and saying its name before declaring a rule, causing it to change its physical properties. For instance, she attempted to stop Tomura from moving otherwise his heart would stop, but it failed due to him being possessed by All For One. Due to the possibilities of her Quirk, All For One wished to acquire it in order to subjugate Japan easily. However, New Order still has limitations, since she can only declare a maximum of two rules at a time and if the subject's identity is uncertain, her Quirk won't work on them.
    • Superhuman Strength: Star and Stripe used one of her two rules to bestow the effects of superhuman strength on herself at all times. Despite her super strength not being comparable to the likes of All Might, she could trade blows with Tomura Shigaraki and stand on top of a speeding plane at high altitude.
    • Quirk Manifestation: By setting the rule "New Order rebels against other Quirks", she can manifest her own Quirk into a giant version of herself within All For One's mindscape, being able to kill the vestiges of Quirks he'd stolen to remove them from the host body (in the form of exploding them out and causing serious harm to Tomura's body) and attacking All For One directly.


  • Her Pro Hero alias is presumably a reference to "the Stars and Stripes," a common nickname used for the Flag of the United States.
  • Star and Stripe's appearance resembles the art style of western superhero comics, fitting with her American heritage.


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