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Hero Overview
Starfire (DC Super Hero Girls) 1.png

Starfire is a supporting character in DC Super Hero Girls.

She is voiced by Hynden Walch also voices her 2003 incarnation and reboot incarnation.


She is a optimistic, friendly, benevolent, feisty and clever girl. She's also down-to-earth.


Starfire has long flowing red hair, orange skin, and green eyes with purple eye shadow, purple lipstick, and pink blush. She wears a purple dress with a chest window that features metallic edges and a green gem on the chest and a metallic belt with an identical green gem. She also wears metallic elbow-length gloves and purple knee-high boots.


Starfire appears in the crowd by Amanda Waller. She is later in the classroom when Miss Martian gets an A+.

She is in the hallway with Star Sapphire. She later is next to Miss Martian, and looks visibly sad when Miss Martian turns invisible upon seeing Wonder Woman and Bumblebee.

She is in the supersuit design class.

She watches Harley Quinn's video and slips on Frost's ice with Star Sapphire. She is at first angry with Harley Quinn, but ends up laughing with Wonder Woman.

Starfire is part of the United Planets Club and was later a part of the Science Club meeting.

She watches Amanda Waller's speech announcing Bumblebee as the Super Hero High hero of the month.


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