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Starlow is a major character in the Mario & Luigi series since Mario & Luigi: Bowser Inside Story. She is a spirit of the stars, who originally came to counter Rouliboulite but will come back to help Mario and Luigi in all their future adventures.


Mario & Luigi: Bowser Inside Story

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

Other Games

Super Smash Bros.

in Super Smash bros. Ultimate, Starlow appears as a advanced Support Spirit in world of light who increase the Undamaged Attack, her spirit battle is against Pac-Man, Mario and Luigi on the Battlefield form of Brinstar stage that starts giant-sized but becomes tiny after a little while.

Powers and abilities

Starlow is capable of flying and floating in the air at will. She has considerable superhuman strength, being able to lift Mario and Luigi easily and hold herself at a ledge with several people clinging to her, the most impressive being that she does it with her teeth.

Starlow can summon a breath of wind, and by combining their powers with Peach can use abilities like telekinesis and an energy ray.



  • She is a main character of the series since Mario & Luigi: Bowser Inside Story.
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