The Starmakers are a race of giant space squids that create stars. They appear exclusively in the episode Last of the Starmakers.


Starmakers are large, extraterrestrial creatures. Males are a shade of mint green, whereas females are bright purple. As babies, a female Starmaker may appear blue. They do not speak, and communicate only with body language; however they perfectly understand English.

These creatures spend their time kicking around in space creating new stars. They are the natural prey of Space Whales, which are able to inhale with black hole-like power. Typically, they are very gentle creatures, though may become aggressive while protecting their eggs.

There were only two until the female Starmaker's eggs hatched. The Male Starmaker was caught by a space whale, and sacrafices himself to save the female. He dies in space and he becomes a constellation. The Female was caught by the General, and had her bodily fluid drained out. Courage saves her babies, where they float into Space. The Mother leaves the lab she is in but she sadly dies as well, only her body goes deep into the ground and becomes a garden.

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