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Starman is a legacy of super-heroes beginning with Ted Knight in the Golden Age. Knight was a scientist in Opal City who developed a Cosmic Rod with control over gravity, allowing him to fly and shoot energy bolts. Bruce Wayne and Charles McNider would briefly take the name. Star-Man was also an unrelated enemy to Batman. The Talokite alien Mikaal Tomas took the name after stopping his people from conquering Earth. Prince Gavyn also used the name as a space-traveling adventurer. The next Starman was Will Payton, a young man blasted with energies from space. Ted Knight would pass the mantle onto his children David Knight and Jack Knight during Zero Hour. Thom Kallor would use the name when time displaced from the 30th Century. The alias has been connected with the All-Star Squadron, Justice League and Justice Society. Starman was created by Gardner Fox and Jack Burnley, first appearing in Adventure Comics #61. (1941)


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