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Starscream (Shattered Glass)

Among the mysteries of science lies the key to victory
~ Starscream (Shattered Glass)

In the parallel universe of Shattered Glass where the heroes are the Decepticons and the villains are the Autobots. Starscream is a heroic decepticon who will do anything with his scientific talents for his leader, the noble Megatron and the good of the others in his realm.


In his youth, Starscream was one of the most brilliant scientific minds to ever graduated from the Crystal City Science Institute on Cybertron. When the great war between the Autobots and the Decepticons began, Optimus Prime tried to recruit Starscream, but he refused. As a consequence, Optimus Prime ordered the Crystal City destroyed as Starscream watched in horror. Shortly afterwards, the Decepticons rescued Starscream and it was at point he knew his purpose. He swore a life debt to Megatron and decided to apply his scientific skills to fight the Autobots. Through his work, he found ways to design more complex transformations based on Megatron's original technology and has developed weapons able to effectively counter Prime's oppresion. He approaches his work with a grim demeanor and fervent hope that one day, rather than using his skills for destruction, he will instead be able to work for the betterment of Cybertron.

Starscreams other friend is Thundercracker.

Starscream toy.

Shattered Glass Starscream in forged to fight.


  • Starscream's colour scheme and personality are heavily inspired by Skyfire.
    • Furthermore, Starscream's body design is modelled on the Unicron Trilogy's Starscream's Cybertron design. 
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