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The name's Steel. And I don't come empty-handed... If you're looking for a new headquarters, maybe we can work a deal.
~ Hank Heywood III introducing himself to the Justice League.
What is wrong with you people? The Justice League has put itself on the line to save you all -- over and over again! We've bled for you! We've died for you!
~ Steel (Hank Heywood III).

Steel are a superhero from the DC comics and universe. Hank Heywood is a name passed down through several generations of heroes.

The original Hank Heywood was crippled during World War II, and a scientist used cybernetic upgrades to make him extremely powerful. He took the name Commander Steel, originally just Steel, and became a member of the All-Star Squadron. His grandson Hank Heywood III also had to be rebuilt after an injury, and he became the second Steel working with Justice League Detroit. Heywood's other grandson Nathan became Citizen Steel as a member of the Justice Society. There is another superhero named Hank Heywood on Earth 2 in the New 52 reboot continuity. Hank Heywood, Jr. is repaired by his father and becomes Captain Steel of the World Army.

Hank Heywood, Sr. was created by Gerry Conway and the late Don Heck, first appearing in Steel #1 in 1978, as Hank Heywood III was created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton, and first appeared in Justice League of America Annual #2 in October of 1984, Citizen Steel was created by Geoff Johns, Dale Eaglesham and Alex Ross, and first appeared in Justice Society of America Vol. 3 #2 in March of 2007, and Captain Steel was created by James Robinson and Yildiray Cinar, and first appeared in Earth 2 Annual #1 in July of 2013.


Early Life

Henry "Hank" Heywood III is the son of Hank Heywood, Jr. and an unnamed mother, and the grandson of Henry Heywood, Sr., who was the vigilante and war hero "Commander Steel". By the time he was two months old, his father was killed in Vietnam, and his mother died of breast cancer a year later. Parentless, Heywood III was raised by his grandfather and his father's best friend, Dale Gunn through his teenage years.

Becoming Steel

When Heywood III reached his teenage years, Heywood Sr. wanted his grandson to follow in his footsteps, and sent Dale to Detroit to create the "Bunker". Heywood Sr. then had his grandson go through painful procedures, giving him a skeletal alloy and replacing his bones with titanium. After a few years of adjusting to his new body, Heywood Sr. learned that the Justice League had opened a new charter for the team. Seeing this, Heywood Sr. offered the Justice League the use of the Bunker as their headquarters if they accepted his grandson into the team, and they accepted. Heywood III took on the title of "Steel", and joined the Justice League as a new member.

In the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" storyline, Steel and Vibe battled Lex Luthor and Brainiac's team, and the former was transported to another location by Warp when Vibe came to his aid. When Heywood Sr. demanded that Hank leave the Justice League, he refused and Heywood Sr. evicted the team from the Bunker. Afterward, the supervillain Professor Ivo sent his androids to kill the Justice League, and Vibe was killed during the event. Angered by the death of his friend, Steel pursued Professor Ivo, but was wounded by one of the villain's androids. He was placed on life support, but was killed by Despero, who wanted revenge on all of the Justice League in Detroit.


Hank Heywood, Sr.

Main article: Commander Steel

Henry "Hank" Heywood, Sr. was injured of saboteurs while serving in the United States Marine Corps, but was saved by Doctor Gilbert Giles who gave him a cybernetic frame. Heywood would then go on to continue to fight in World War II under the moniker "Steel", but later gained the title of "Commander Steel" by Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was a member of the All-Star Squadron, the Justice League of America, the Justice Society International, and the Shadow Fighters.

Hank Heywood III

Main article: Steel

Nathan Heywood

Main article: Citizen Steel

The grandson of Commander Steel and cousin of Hank Heywood III, Nathan was a retired football player by the time he was given his powers. Nathan was given his alloy by Reichsmark's metal blood, which absorbed into his skin and superhuman durability and immunity to pain. Seeing his potential to be a hero like his grandfather and cousin, Nathan took on the moniker of "Citizen Steel" and became a member of the Justice Society of America.

Hank Heywood, Jr.

Main article: Captain Steel Born on Earth-2 with a rare birth defect that would cause his bones to crumble before he reached manhood, Hank Heywood, Jr. was saved from this by his father. He was given a metal ally to make his bones stronger, and joined the World Army after the Apokolips War, under the title "Captain Steel".



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