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Steela Gerrera
Onderon is ours and we will keep reminding them until we get it back.
~ Steela Gerrera

Steela Gerrera was the leader of the Onderon Rebels that fought the Separatists. She was also the sister of Saw Gerrera


Steela Gerrera was elected the leader of the Onderon Rebels after they destroyed a key power generator. Her courageous speech to the people of Onderon prompts the Separatist agent King Sanjay Rash to set a trap by publicly executing former King Dendup. With help of Steela's brother Saw Gerrera and Lux Bonteri, the rebels succeeded in rescuing Dendup and restoring him to power. She seemed to also have a crush of Lux, which made her also a love rival to Ahsoka Tano because she also liked Lux.


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