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Stegmutt is a stegosaurus, who was originally a duck who was turned into a dinosaur. Stegmutt first appeared as the tertartagonist in the two "Justice Us, Justice Ducks" episodes AKA Justice Ducks Unite (44 and 45 in production order), but due to the episodes airing out of order his introduction episode, "Jurassic Jumble" (28th in production order) aired a week later. He also appears in "Darkwing Doubloon," his only other episode.


He once was the assistant of a mad scientist named Dr. Fossil. In one of his experiments, Dr. Fossil turns Stegmutt into a dinosaur using the Retro-Evolution Gun. Eventually, Gosalyn and Honker convince Stegmutt that Dr. Fossil is evil, and he turns against him. Due to Stemutt's friendly nature, he becomes part of the "Justice Ducks." He is also a hot dog vendor in his spare time.


Stegmutt is rather dim-witted but has a good heart. He likes helping Darkwing Duck and his friends. He also has a strong dislike for fire, and when he finds the source, he puts it out by slamming it onto the ground. He became a member of the Justice Ducks and helped Darkwing defeat the Fearsome Five.

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