NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Stella from The Angry Birds Movie Duology. The mainstream version can be found here: Stella (Angry Birds).

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Hero Overview

Stella is one of the Angry Birds that is featured in The Angry Birds Movie.

She is voiced by Kate McKinnon, who also played Lupe in Ferdinand, Jillian Holtzmann in the Ghostbusters reboot, and Fiona Frizzle in The Magic School Bus Rides Again.


Stella retains her design from the games, but this time, she is given limbs. She appears to have tall legs which show she can be athletic.


Stella retains her cute, bubbly personality from the games, but she this time is a tour guide. She is shown to be energetic. When the birds learn that King Pig was performing plot to steal the eggs, Stella is in with the plan to stop the porcine monarch.


The Angry Birds Movie

Stella first appeared in one of Red's flashback where he was watching her doing a performance with her besties. After Red was forced to go to The Anger Management Class she came hear him and said that she was happy to see him but he said that didn't feel the same and that made her upset. In Bomb's backstory it was revealed that she made a party surprise along with Hal, Bubbles and an unknown bird but that made Bomb blew up (littlerly) destroying his house and ruining the party. When the pigs arrived on Bird Island, Stella was quite surprised. After Leonard tricked the pigs into truce, she made show for the pigs, after Red revealed that he investigated the Leonard's ship, she accused him along with the many birds who believed the pigs. When she was giving the pigs a tour she was witnessing Red and Judge Peckinpah's argument. After she found out the pigs stole the eggs, she was shocked and after Judge Peckinpah apologized to Red for not listening to him, she choose Red for a leader. After the birds arrived on Piggy Island, she was trying to reach Leonard's castle but she failed. She escaped for the pigs' attacks and for the explosion that destroyed the pigs' kingdom. She was shocked when everyone believed that Red didn't survived the explosion but when it turned out that Red and The Blues survived the explosion, she was relieved. In the ending she was one of the many birds to welcome Red in The Bird Village.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Stella reappears in Angry Birds Movie 2, but this time only as a cameo character, who can be seen in the film from time to time, but unfortunately, unlike the first movie, this time she is not intigrated to the story What Very Many Stella fans Exaggeratedly Disenchanted. Apparently she is friends with Samantha, as she was seen with her at the end of the movie at Mighty Eagle's marriage.


  • According to the creators, the reason why she does the arm-pump is because the animators thought it was a funny inside joke so that when every time, Stella does something like do a motion, or speak, she always does that gesture.


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