Stephen Franklin was a secondary protagonist on the television series Babylon 5.

Franklin was portrayed by the late Richard Biggs.

After graduating from medical school Franklin traveled the galaxy, exchanging medical skills for passage on various ships. He was able to study a diverse number of alien species, including the Minbari. During the Earth-Minbari War he refused to turn over his notes on the species when the Earth Alliance wanted them to create bio-weapons. He was arrested and imprisoned by the Earth Alliance for his refusal to do so until freed to accompany John Sheridan on a peace mission to the Minbari.

Following the war Franklin became friends with Jeffrey Sinclair, who asked for him to be named Chief Medical Officer to Babylon 5 after Dr. Benjamin Kyle was recalled to Earth.

In 2260 Franklin began taking stims in order to keep up with the demands of the job. This led to him becoming addicted to stims. After being confronted by Michael Garibaldi Franklin realized he had a problem. He briefly left his job in late 2260 in order to deal with his addiction. Franklin was nearly killed in Downbelow while working to overcome his addiction, but recovered and returned to his job as CMO.

During the Earth Alliance Civil War Franklin and Marcus Cole traveled to Mars to convince the Mars Resistance to work with Sheridan. Despite the unease and suspicion the Mars resistance had towards Sheridan and B5, the two men were able to convince the resistance to aid them in their fight against Morgan Clark. Franklin became romantically involved with Tessa Holloran, the leader of the Martian resistance.

Franklin was asked in 2262 by the Interstellar Alliance to build a database of all the species and medical conditions of the Alliance members. Franklin remained on the station until the end of 2262 when he succeeded Dr. Benjamin Kyle as Head of Xenobiological Research at Earthdome. He played a vital role in curing the Drakh plague on Earth, after which he took a leave of absence to explore beyond the rim with G'Kar.

By 2281 Franklin had returned to his job as Head of Xenobiological Research. In that year he traveled to Minbar to have one final meal with the dying John Sheridan. He died many years later while exploring an alien world.

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