Steve Cash, also known as SteveCash83, is one of the two main protagonists of his popular sketch comedy series called Talking Kitty Cat, he usually loves to hang out in the kitchen being friendly to Gibson (not anymore due to his death in 2016) and indirectly bothering his enemy, Sylvester. Steve is the owner of his channel and has been seen and heard in every episode he has made over the years. Steve has lots of other shows on his channel aside from Talking Kitty with the most popular being 4Steves. His favorite foods are McDonald's Hamburgers and Hot Pockets. Steve Cash also has a nemesis named Todd, who previously kept Sylvester as his own pet and named him Rufus.

First video

The first video he uploaded to YouTube was "The Mean(er) Kitty Song" which was uploaded December 4, 2007. He is known for creating the Talking Kitty YouTube Series.

First 4Steves video

Not only his he known for creating the Talking Kitty Series. He's also created another YouTube Series called "4Steves" the first one he uploaded was "4Steves - Me, Myself, and I'm an Idiot". the second being "4Steves - Video Editor Remote".

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