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Steven "Steve" Trevor is a supporting character in the DC Universe and the love interest of Wonder Woman,.

He is played by Chris Pine in the 2017 film and in Wonder Woman 1984.

In the 70s TV show, he was played by the late Lyle Waggoner.


Steve Trevor is a commercial pilot, a retired colonel in the United States Air Force. Born and raised in Enid, Oklahoma, Steve is the son of Ulysses Trevor and Diana Rockwell. He lost his mother when he was 7; while test piloting an experimental jet, she was lost over the Mediterranean Sea. In reality, she had washed ashore on Themyscira, and helped in the defense of Doom's Doorway at the expense of her life. Queen Hippolyta named her own daughter Princess Diana after the outsider hero.

Ares manipulated General Sam Tolliver to send Colonel Trevor to bomb Themyscira and as he was nearing the island, he realised that by doing so, he would kill many innocents. His co-pilot, who was possessed by Ares too, fought him and forcing the plane down. Diana, seeing the plane go down, dove in the sea and saved Trevor She brought him back to the shores of Themyscira, and there she recognized the insignia on his jacket and she decided from there on that she was to fight against Ares.

Eventually, an argument with his superior made Trevor decide to retire. He set up a private aviation firm, and eventually married Etta Candy, his former aide. They lived near Hanscom Air Force Base, though Steve had expressed the desire to return to Enid.

Trevor later went into politics, and served as Deputy Secretary of Defense during the Horne administration.


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