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Stewart Stardust (known as Uncle Stewart by his family), is the main protagonist of the Danish Christmas TV series Christmas on Vesterbro, and a major character in the Danish animated movies Terkel in Trouble and Chekered Ninja. He is the alcoholic uncle of Terkel.


Early life

Nothing is really known about his early life, other than he at some point had an affair, resulting in the birth of his son Danny.

Christmas on Vesterbro

When child services come to see if Stewart treats his teenage son Danny well, he tries to avoid him being taken away. He also hires an arabian immigrant to repair his hotdog stand. However when the immigrant turns out to be a terrorist, Stewart's house is exploded, and he moves away.

Terkel in Trouble

After Terkel is lured by two bullies to steal some beer, Stewart beats them up. He also appears later on, as Terkel tries to get help from him, but fails. He is also revelaled to be a member of a child support phone.

Chekered Ninja

The checkered ninja plush,made by Quang, who got murdered by the wealthy and unsympathetic danish man Philip Eberfrø, now haunted by the spirit of Taiko Nakamura ended on Stewarts cargo ship. Stewart gave it to Aske. Later after Aske and the checkered ninja failed to kill Philip Eberfrø, they went to Stewarts house and asked him questions about drugs, to get info for their mission to stop Mr. Eberfrø, before he left Denmark.


  • In the film Terkel in Trouble, Stewart's Danish voice actor, Anders Matthesen, also voiced all other characters in the movie. Matthesen is also the creator of the character and has portrayed him in various live-action sketches. In the British version of Terkel in Trouble, Stewart was voiced by Johnny Vegas, while in the American one, titled The Trouble with Terkel, he was voiced by Chad Ridgely.
  • In the television series, Christmas on Vesterbro, Stewartt's actor, Anders Matthesen, also played all other characters in the series, aside from a few background extras such as Kefir's people.
  • In the film Checkered Ninja, Stewart's voice actor is again Anders Matthesen, and he also played most of the other roles, except for Jessica and Alex (Jessica and Aske in the Danish version).