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~ Sticky Joe

Sticky Joe is an old hobo who resides in the disgusting filth of Beast Boy's room. Although his grimy and "sticky" lifestyle may not be to appealing to people, such as Robin, he's actually a kindly soul, willing to sacrifice himself for the Teen Titans.

Previously thought to have been buried underneath trash for good in his debut episode "Hot Garbage", Sticky Joe is confirmed to still be alive; he has made cameo appearances in quite a few episodes due to him being a rather popular character. He's voiced by Cyborg's voice actor, Khary Payton.


Sticky Joe is an elderly man, who appears to be homeless and unhygenic regarding his lifestyle, poor clothing attire, and rotted teeth. He is constantly seen residing in the the Teen Titans tower. He wears a hat, top, shoes, pants, mismatched socks, and a sweater. He is seen eating beans out of a can and in many episodes, but seems to enjoy many other foods such as burritos and potato chips.


In the episode "Hot Garbage", the Teen Titans go to Beast Boy's room to investigate. The purpose of the investigation was to find the source of Beast Boy's stench, which they find to be Beast Boy's impossibly unhygenic room, full of an amazing variety of random garbage and living creatures. One of them was Sticky Joe, who was secretly living in Beast Boy's room. Displeased by the hobo's presence, Robin kicks Sticky Joe out of the Titans Tower, during their attempt to clean Beast Boy's room.

Inside of Beast Boy's garbage, Sticky Joe arrives just in time to save Robin, who can't believe that Sticky Joe actually saved him. Robin starts to see Sticky Joe differently after this, and Sticky Joe then becomes a recurring character in the series, who apparently survived his supposed death.

In the two-parter episode "The Streak", Beast Boy introduces Sticky Joe, the Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus to the Teen Titans, to substitute for all of the other Teen Titans who betrayed Robin to join his rival Kid Flash, who is willing to break his streak of preventing 52 crimes in a year, by stopping every crime before him thanks to his super speed and teasing him. To beat Kid Flash to stopping Killer Moth from unleashing a mutant to cause catastrophe, Robin injures his leg using his staff. Though they are no longer "Teen" Titans, together, they stop Killer Moth from his usual evil plans.

His good friend Beast Boy eventually decides to steal his identity in "I Used to Be a Peoples", and while appearing mad at first, he ended up calmly encouraging him to be himself. He does not get any good fortune out of this since Raven later banishes him to another dimension after hearing him fart. Inexplicably, he continues to make cameo appearances after this.

Sticky Joe is also seen dancing with his female counterpart, named Sticky Joan, in a previous episode, "BBRAE", to a romance song sang by Beast Boy.


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