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I am educated and well read, I am not a mechanic I have my pride.
~ Stith

Stith is a kangaroo-like alien from Titan A.E.. She is cranky, but lovable. She is friends with Akima and a parental figure to Gune, but she really doesn't trust Preed. She is voiced by Janeane Garofalo.



Stith is a tall, bipedal mammalian creature resembling earthly kangaroos. Her body is covered in a dark, reddish-brown coat of fur. She possesses large ears, and a long snout that ends in a pointed upper lip similar to that of a rhinoceros. Her legs are incredibly long and muscular, and are sprawled apart in a crouching, spider like stance. This often gives her a strange, staggering gait when walking. Unlike most mammals, which usually have one knee per leg, Stith has two knees per leg, and has digitrade feet. This gives her legs an odd, multi-jointed appearance.

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