Strafe is a supporting character of Transformers: Age of Extinction. He is a Dinobot who transforms into a Two-Headed Pteronadon and was one of Lockdown's prisoner aboard his ship who was going to deliver him with his friends, Grimlock, Slug, and Scorn to The Creators. He was also part of the Legendnary Knights and he allied to the Autobots along with his friends, Grimlock, Scorn, and Slug and helps Optimus Prime and the other Autobots including Bumblebee defeat the KSI Decepticons led by Galvatron from wreaking havoc in Hong Kong from getting the Seed.




How to Ride your Dinobot cartoon

Strafe found himself the unwilling target for Bumblebee's first Dinobot riding lesson. Strafe ensured the Autobot had a rough first lesson, flying out of his reach for the majority of the time while trying to feed on scrap metal. Bumblebee laid a trap for Strafe with a tasty gear, and finally held onto a rope that had snared around his leg... but Strafe happily flew Bumblebee into a mountain's wall. Bumblebee seemed to have learned not to mess with Strafe, since he destroyed the Dinobot-riding instruction manual and quit listening to that maddeningly unhelpful narrator.

Age of Extinction

Strafe was among the Dinobots freed from Lockdown's ship, and subsequently yielded to Optimus Prime's command. During the battle in Hong Kong, Strafe aided Bumblebee as he battled Stinger. The two fought on Strafe's back until Stinger was defeated, and Strafe got to munch on Stinger's head. Strafe aided in escorting the Seed to safety until Lockdown returned and unleashed his magnetic vortex upon the group. Though he briefly freed Slug from the vortex, the Dinobots were trapped in it again until Optimus destroyed it. Strafe helped hold the line on a bridge until the Seed was transported to safety and Lockdown was defeated. The battle over, Strafe and the Dinobots were freed from Optimus' command and parted on good terms with their new allies.



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