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How many nights did we sit in the Sanctum Sanctorum, Time Stone in the palm of our hand, knowing we could go back, gathering the courage? Well, I had the courage. I spent centuries, sacrificed everything for Christine.
~ Strange Supreme to his paradox version.
Been living the dream alone in a prison of my own making ever since. Are you ready to break your oath?
~ Strange Supreme to Uatu the Watcher.

Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, also known as Strange Supreme, is one of the main characters of the Disney+ animated series What If...?, appearing as the protagonist villain of What If... Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?, a minor character in What If... Ultron Won?, and a major protagonist in What If... The Watcher Broke His Oath?

He is an alternate version of the Sorcerer Supreme who became obsessed with resurrecting Christine Palmer after her death, going as far to absorb other beings to reach the potential to break the absolute point. Though successful, his actions resulted in the destruction of his universe, and Palmer dying once again. While mourning the loss of his universe within the mirror dimension, he was greeted by Uatu the Watcher, who recruited him and other alternates to stop Infinity Ultron from destroying the multiverse. Once Ultron was defeated, Strange was tasked by the Watcher to watch over a pocket dimension that contained Arnim Zola and Erik Killmonger, whom were trying to obtain the Infinity Stones.

He was voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, who portrays his mainstream counterpart, and also played Sherlock Holmes in the titular tv series, and also voiced Classified in Penguins of Madagascar and The Grinch in the titular 2018 animated film.

When disguised as Christine Palmer, he was voiced by Rachel McAdams, who portrays said character in the mainstream universe, and also played Jessica Spencer in The Hot Chick and Lisa Reisert in Red Eye.



The history of this Stephen Strange is similar to his mainstream counterpart, becoming one of the world's most brilliant neurosurgeon's, and later starting a romantic relationship with his colleague Christine Palmer. When taking her on a dinner date, the two ended up in a car accident where Strange remained unharmed, but Palmer was killed in the incident. Stephen became grief-stricken from Christine's death, and became determined to find a way to bring her back to life by traveling across the world. He came upon the Masters of the Mystic Arts, where he was under the tutelage of the Ancient One until her death, and he later became the sorcerer supreme by defeating Dormammu.


Despite his success in protecting Earth from the evil entity and becoming sorcerer supreme, Strange was still heartbroken over his loss of Palmer two years later. While reminiscing his time with Christine, Strange decided to use the Eye of Agamotto to go back to the night of her death. Stephen attempted to change the events of the night, but found that Christine would perish in all of his attempts to make a change. During his last attempt, he was greeted by the Ancient One, who informed him that Christine's death is an "absolute point", meaning she was meant to die so Strange could join the Mystic Arts to defeat Dormammu. He refused to believe that he couldn't break the absolute point, telling the Ancient One that he intended on going back in time to acquire knowledge from the past.

When preparing to use the Eye of Agamotto, the Ancient One used power from the dark dimension to split him in half, thus making a paradox version of Strange that acted as his good side. Going back in time, Strange met with the librarian O'Bengh, and learned that one could break the absolute point by absorbing other beings. While absorbing beings from other dimensions, Strange became powerful enough that he felt the awareness of Uatu the Watcher. Centuries passed as he continued to absorb beings, and was informed of his other half by a dying O'Bengh. Strange Supreme encountered his paradox version, who explained to him that by trying to resurrect Christine, he would cause the end of this universe. Ignoring his warnings, Strange Supreme battled his paradox version and successfully merged with him, allowing Supreme to break the absolute point.

Though Strange managed to resurrect Christine, the stability of his universe crumbled, killing everyone as Uatu the Watcher watched. Strange Supreme begged Uatu to help him, but the Watcher informed the sorcerer that he was warned, and that interfering could cause more disastrous consequence. Using his magic to keep a small part of the land together, Christine asked Strange what he had done before dying once again, leaving him sobbing and regretting his actions.

Saving the Multiverse

Strange Supreme would remain in the mirror dimension until he was greeted by Uatu, who explained that he was out of options of stopping Infinity Ultron, an alternate version of the artificial intelligence that gained the power of the Infinity Stones and started to destroy universes. Supreme then asked him was he ready to break his oath, and once Uatu hesitantly agreed, Strange awaited for the Watcher as he brought other alternate heroes to fight Ultron. Uatu formed the Guardians of the Multiverse that consisted of Strange Supreme, Captain Peggy Carter, Prince T'Challa, Black Widow, Thor Odinson, Gamora and Prince Erik Killmonger. While giving a toast to his teammates, Thor accidently alerted their presence to Infinity Ultron, leading the team to fight the artificial intelligence.

During the battle, Strange and his allies were able to fend Ultron off long enough for Black Widow to shoot an arrow into Ultron's eye, allowing Arnim Zola to transfer his consciousness into the AI. Moments after, Killmonger betrayed the group in his attempt to gain the Infinity Stones from Zola, and Strange proceeded to place the two in a pocket dimension where they battled for the stones for eternity. Strange then realized that Uatu knew every step of what would happen and knew that they needed to keep the stones from Ultron, and agreed to watch over the pocket dimension from being destroyed.


  • His costume bears near resemblance to his comic book counterpart excluding the color scheme.

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