Stretch is the second guitarist for the Drats. He is the plucky comic relief to the gang, showing tendencies towards goofing off and cowardice, especially towards anything Mok related.

Despite his fear of performing, once he starts to play he seems to lose his inhibitions and provides excellent support for his bandmates.

Stretch's design indicates that he is either a rat or a mouse, confirmation of this theory has yet to be resolved.


Stretch is friends with all of his bandmates.

  • Dizzy - Probably considered Stretch's best friend as they have the most screen time together than their interaction with the other band members. Stretch shows to put a lot of trust and confidence in Dizzy.
  • Omar - Stretch's relationship with Omar comes across as somewhat interesting. There are moments in the film where it seems that Stretch sometimes acts like more of a lackey than a friend towards Omar, as he tends to agree with anything Omar says or implies and willing throw Dizzy under the bus when the topic of their "duo slip of the tongue" is brought up.
  • Angel - Stretch seems to display a lot of respect and care towards Angel. He mentions her name first when asked who was their lead singer, and along with his friends, he is willing to risk it all in saving Angel, even when Omar backs out at Mok's last performance.


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