Stretch Dude is Bart Simpson's superhero alter-ego.
Stretch Dude

An accident with a portable X-ray machine gave Bart the ability to stretch himself into all sorts of shapes and made Lisa super-strong. They teamed up to fight evil as Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl, although Bart continued to use his power to play pranks on people. The duo's enemies included bank robbers, Saddam Hussein, Nazi Zeppelins and all kinds of evil. Their biggest rival was The Collector (the villain alter-ego of Comic Book Guy), with whom they had a showdown.

The Collector abducted actress Lucy Lawless (dressed as Xena) from a question-and-answer session with a group of Xena fans and took her to his lair, intending to make her his bride. He had put Lawless into a Mylar pouch when Clobber Girl smashed a hole in the wall from outside, and she and Stretch Dude came to the rescue. The Collector prevailed for the moment, however, knocking them out by stunning Clobber Girl with a phaser and (after the phaser ran out of power) throwing the phaser and hitting Stretch Dude in the head. He then tied them up (using Stretch Dude's body for the rope), suspended them over a tank of hot bubbling Lucite, and began lowering them into it.

Lucy Lawless, however, came to the rescue herself by luring The Collector to within kissing distance of her Mylar pouch and hitting him repeatedly from inside the pouch, then fighting him and knocking him into the Lucite. As The Collector stiffened and died, Lawless freed herself from her pouch, untied Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl and took them home.

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