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Strong is a super mutant character in Fallout 4, and a possible companion in the Commonwealth in 2287.

He can be found locked up in a cell at the top of Trinity Tower along with his teacher, Rex Goodman, where the two have been imprisoned by other super mutants.

He was voiced by Sean Schemmel.


An average-looking super mutant, Strong seeks to find the "milk of human kindness". This is a line from the play Macbeth (Act 1: Scene 5) cited to him by Rex Goodman while trying to teach the super mutants about William Shakespeare's plays.

Strong took this metaphor too literally, and believes that if he can find the milk and drink it, it will give super mutants the strength that makes humans successful. At the time, Strong's super mutant brothers disliked his appeal to Rex's citation of the play, leading him to his incarceration with the latter.

Rex states that they were planning to toss him off the tower, even taking bets on how many times he would bounce. Strong is proficient with heavy weapons, like missile launchers and miniguns.

The Sole Survivor can free Strong from his cell during "Curtain Call". After completion of the quest, he becomes available as a companion. Eventually, as his approval of the Sole Survivor increases, Strong will admit that he has learned to respect the Sole Survivor.

Finally, once he idolizes the Sole Survivor, he will say that he has made the decision to make the Sole Survivor his leader. This will grant his Berserk perk, which grants +20% Melee Damage if health is below 25% of maximum.


  • He is limited to wearing super mutant armour, which can be found in super mutant strongholds throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Strong's health is about 50-60 hit points higher than most other companions. Only Curie as a Miss Nanny has higher health, at least until around level 50. Like most companions, he levels up with the Sole Survivor. His higher than normal health is balanced out by being limited to only equipping super mutant armor, which offers only moderate protection compared to higher-tier human armors, let alone power armor. The best available combination of super mutant armor for Strong provides slightly less protection than a full suit of unmodified basic metal armor.
  • Strong has the second-best default carrying capacity at 200 pounds. This cannot be increased with armour mods, since he is unable to wear normal armour.
  • Strong never goes into sneak mode.
  • If Strong is dismissed without designating a settlement, he will return to the lobby level of Trinity Tower.
  • Strong prefers to use melee weapons or rifles. He can also use heavy weapons, but will not equip handguns.
  • When left in a settlement, Strong will often spend his time at chemistry stations.
  • Unlike super mutant companions from previous games like Marcus, Fawkes or Dog/God, Strong is far from civilised. He often criticises humans, speaks of his desire for super mutant superiority, general carnage and will even mention that he wants "someone to eat" when hungry. He takes pride in his condition and how his super mutant brothers are seen by the people of the Commonwealth as powerful and tough fighters. This is best illustrated when the Sole Survivor chooses to help Virgil find a cure during "Virgil's Cure", to which Strong reacts with great disappointment. The only thing that separates him from his mutant brethren is the realization that, if he wants super mutants to achieve the same success as humans, he may have to work with them to learn their secrets.
  • Strong will give the Sole Survivor various meats, much akin to the sweets that Piper gives.
  • In the quest "Curtain Call", upon trying to interact with Strong before completing the objective he has set, he replies "Go away, bleeder!" This is exactly what Fawkes in Fallout 3 would say upon reaching him before the quest to retrieve the G.E.C.K. is initiated.
  • Strong believes that, when the time comes, super mutants will kill everything on Earth.
  • If Strong follows the Sole Survivor to give Brian Virgil the antidote, he will join in on the conversation by expressing panic at the thought of being "cured" and no longer being a super mutant. The Sole Survivor must assure him that he will not be forcibly cured.
  • Due to the encompassing range of his dislikes, Strong can be a difficult companion to garner admiration from as most of the usual actions are sometimes hard to avoid when exploring ruins or negotiating with NPCs. Since he likes kills (and as all companions, time spent with the Sole Survivor), he is a good companion for a mapping trip while staying on the outside of places and avoiding picking too many locks.


This article contains content derived from the "Strong" article on Nukapedia, licensed under CC-BY-SA.


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