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The human mind will always rely on one of three basic descriptions to describe that which they cannot fully explain themselves: magic, religion, or a science that is simply unknown to them. 'And' never seems to make an appearance…
~ Dr. Stuart Hayward in his book Demons, Legends, and Fables: Contextualized from the "Pitch Haven" Hub.
Do I feel like a protector? No, I don't. I resent that title, and anytime someone calls me that, I feel dead inside. The only person I could relate to is Sari, and that's because she did the same things I did. The two of us are the only ones left; the others… they couldn't handle being the only ones left, so they just gave up. We had the opportunity to join them, but… it didn't feel right at the time, especially after everything we've done.
Now, we just want it forgotten. We want a chance at a happier life, and hopefully we've got that by thetime you read this. Hopefully, when we've cleaned the slate, exchanged this 'divinity' for simple, human lives, ████ won't find us again. It's all we can hope for.
~ Siuward’s note found in SCP-2746.

Dr. Stuart Hayward, also known as Siuward, is one of the protagonists of the SCP Foundation mythos. He was originally one of the animals inhabiting the Garden of Eden alongside other animals who could change their form. After a war broke within the animals due to their Maker's decision, he alongside his lover Sari sided with the animals still loyal to the Maker before dying and reincarnating as humans who would go on to work for the SCP Foundation. He would later due again and be revived as SCP-2999-B which as SCP-2999 was an entry for the SCP-2000 contest which won thirteenth place. He and Sarah Crowely are the main protagonists of the "Pitch Haven" series.



Siuward was originally one of the intelligent animals created by the Maker and inhabiting the Garden of Eden which would be designated SCP-2746-1. He and Sari were members of the fourteen "crafters", demiurges who were capable of changing forms and creating entire races and were above the "scholars", servants to the crafters, and the "honorables", who made up the majority of the animal population. She and her lover Siuward lived happy with the other animals under the rule of king Fredrick and queen Agathos, until fellow crafter the Serpent gave the humans access to the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge. Although Fredrick punished the Serpent, the Maker decided to not only punish humanity by banishing them out of Eden, but also punished the animals by taking away their self-sustenance, forcing them to find food in order to "keep their sanity". This angered the king and queen who alongside other animals decided to rebel against their Maker and overthrow him.

However, Siuward and Sari stayed loyal to the Maker and alongside the other loyal animals fought against the rebellion who would be called the "Furies of Eden". The civil war came to be known as "Event Nachash" and Siuward and Sari became the new king and queen of Eden and during the war they tried to rationalize with Fredrick and Agathos, but they were rebuffed. During the final attack on the kingdom Fredrick and Agathos assaulted Sari by burning her face, but thankfully Siuward used his song to paralyze the former rulers, allowing the royal guard to apprehend them. Following their capture the loyal animals regretfully punished the rebels by eternally crucifying them outside of Eden and banishing them to Hell, that would eventually be known as SCP-6167, with Fredrick having his snout removed and his chest opened, Agathos being coated in white clay, having her eyes removed and blood replaced with holy water, Clovis having her left eye burned with a needle and transformed into a human whose body reflected her original body's injures, along with an added cut to her neck, and Alva having her tongue cut, butchered in multiple pieces which were then spiked and chained apart. Despite their victory however, Eden had been destroyed by the war and had become a graveyard which brought the surviving animals great sorrow, prompting all of them to leave the place for good except for Sari and Siuward who stayed behind because of their sense of duty, but eventually they decided to also leave Eden and commit suicide so they would reincarnate themselves as humans in order to have a much happier life.

Human Life

After killing himself, a reformed Clovis attempted to create a suitable human vessel for his essence to use. She decided to use the womb of her lover, Candice Hayes, a woman born in the 17th century who had been revived by Clovis following her execution due being framed as a witch and lived on until the 19th century at which point she took the name of Acacia Hayward and began living in the Warrington district in Cheshire England. Acacia agreed to help Clovis in her objective since she always had desired to have a child and with help of Dr. Unsworth Acacia gave birth to a boy named Stuart who became the human vessel for Siuward.

Having no recollection of his previous life Stuart would grow up living as a normal boy under the care of Acacia who do to her age, passed on as Stuart's grandmother. However, as some years went on Acacia began suffering from Alzheimer and by 1891 became bedridden, causing Stuart to start taking care of her while trying to maintain their home. As they both were poor, Stuart often went to a nearby abandoned book shop and steal books to read before returning them, and in early mornings he would get up before Acacia and collect her grotesque drawings of the animals which were punished back in Eden for fear of Acacia becoming scared of her own drawings and having a stroke due to not remembering drawing them in the first place. One day, when Dr. Unsworth arrived as usual he told Stuart that things couldn't continue like this and if in his next appointment Acacia’s health didn't improve then he would be forced to send her to an institution while Stuart would go to an orphanage. Stuart tried to argue back but soon realized that the doctor was right and he just had to accept that. After the Unsworth left, Stuart tried to sleep during the day since he didn't last night at all, but because of the conversation he had with the doctor he thought of what would happen to him after Acacia would be sent to an institution as he was strongly against going to an orphanage and even thought of planning to flee into the streets. Around 6 pm, Stuart went to Acacia's room and tried to talk to her but as but because of her condition she mostly ignored his words and kept talking about the animals she saw around. After Acacia told Stuart that she saw her white rabbit climbing the tower where he resided, he became paranoid as she might have mistook a burglar for a rabbit but after a quick check Stuart figured that it just been her imagination. He then carried Acacia to her wheelchair and together exited their house to walk around their garden and spend some time together as it was most likely the last time they would be together happy.

After putting a sleepy Acacia back to her bed, Stuart went that night back to the book shop to get one more book. However, while looking through the old books he found in a bookshelf a red envelope bearing his name. Inside it was a letter for Stuart written by a friend of Acacia, telling him to come upstairs to talk. He did so and upon arriving to the shop's second floor he encountered a woman wearing a large bathrobe, looking as sixteen years of age, with two bone protrusions sticking out of her head resembling rabbit ears, and her lower half of her face being covered with a doctor's mask. Upon seeing him, she greeted Stuart and offered him some chamomile tea before introducing herself as a personal servant of Acacia named Clovis. Becoming suspicious, Stuart asked her how come he never seen her before to which she replied that Acacia made sure to meet each other only when it was necessary. Stuart then asked what she was aside from Acacia's servant with Clovis replying that she was an "angel", but Stuart noticing her bright red eyes and boney ears argued that she might actually be a demon to which she agreed. However, she assured Stuart that she had only his best interest before changing the subject to Acacia, stating that she would most likely pass away this morning and they both should visit her one last time. Stuart taken back by this decided to return back home while allowing Clovis to follow him. For the rest of the night, both Stuart and Clovis stood near Acacia's bed wanting to be by her side in her last moments before Clovis whispered something to her and carried Stuart's sleepy body to his bed.

Stuart woke up the next morning finding out that Clovis had prepared him breakfast and figured that she was still in the house. He exited his room and descended the stairs where he found Clovis singing the Old Maid in the Garret with her back turned to Stuart exactly like the first time they had met. After interrupting her, Stuart broadly asked her why she was still here to which Clovis responded that it was partly because of a deal she had made with Acacia, but mostly because she cared about him and wished to take care of him. However, Stuart didn't believe her and asked what he would be tricked into handing her his soul as a price for her taking care of him, but she explained that she wanted to do nothing with souls and only wished to follow him for the rest of his life. She further explained that through this she could escape another far worse agreement she had with another individual, but the problem for them was that they were unable to be lynched as people seeing them together would accuse Stuart of witchcraft because of her appearance. When Stuart inquired of her true appearance she took off her mask and robe, revealing a decomposing humanoid appearance. This somewhat startled Stuart who was reminded of the urban legends surrounding the abandoned library which told about the original owners, a couple, encountering a demon, and asked her about it. Clovis clarified that although the stories were true she did not kill them and she only went to the library after the wife had left following her husband's death. As Clovis mentioned that she was here to help Stuart settle in the orphanage, he refused to go there but Clovis interrupted him by saying that she would come with him and teach him things that would help him in his experience and argued that he needed a roof to stay under and get Acacia's inheritance. Stuart became convinced and went back to eat his breakfast while Clovis finished her own works.

In the days that passed following Acacia's funeral, Clovis began teaching Stuart who was temporarily living with Dr. Unsworth before the representative from the Haven Harbor orphanage would take him away. As she and Stuart began gathering the components necessary to cast the spells, Clovis saw that he was getting tired of practicing these spells and so she decided to put aside the their worksheet and allow Stuart to test his new abilities. She had Stuart recite the components needed to cast the spells to manipulate organic beings and reminded him of never summoning otherworldly beings without her permission, and after that was over the two went outside to the garden. There Clovis magically marked Stuart's hands and further explained that because most people found it difficult to cast spells through their hands they often used a conduit and so she directed Stuart to a gift behind a nearby willow tree. Stuart brought the present to Clovis and opened it, revealing an ornate wooden sword. As Clovis explained that Stuart could mark it and use it to cast spells before she would render it inert, Stuart became overwhelmed with joy of receiving a toy for the first time and hugged her tightly. After composing themselves, Clovis instructed Stuart how to mark the sword by pressing the mark she gave him on the sword's symbol which would allow Stuart to cast the spell that Clovis had put on. Upon aiming to the night sky Stuart tightly gripped the sword which shoot out ribbon-like streams of multicolored lights forming the aurora borealis which amazed both of them. Following this beautiful accomplishment, they decided to end the lesson as the representative would soon arrive and needed to prepare themselves.

As the morning arrived, Stuart, Unsworth and Clovis awaited for the representative to arrive but ended up waiting for an hour as the latter became late. When the representative finally arrived he quite rudely introduced himself as Father Harold Morgan and ordered Stuart to come with him, carry his own packages and make no sound while on the road to Haven Harbor. Stuart frustrated didn't object but before they leaving, Unsworth pulled him aside and told Stuart that if he was in a difficult situation that he and Clovis would be unable to solve then he should talk to Unsworth's brother who would contact Unsworth as he lived nearby the orphanage and also advised Stuart to go easy with Morgan but not let the preacher disrespect him. After parting ways, Stuart went with Morgan to the train station on a coach, and after admiring the trains which he had never seen before took their train and despite the situation Stuart was able to enjoy the ride which was far better than that of the coach.

Upon arriving to Haven Harbor, Stuart was surprised at the massive scale of the building as Morgan explained that apart from being an orphanage it also functioned as a church, power supply and general market before informing him that he should go to the lower levels and find a bed to rest so he could work and warned him not to talk to him for the time being. Stuart began making his way through the crowd of people inside the Harbor, which was more of an indoor plaza then a single building. As he noticed various advertisements picturing Morgan as a benevolent miracle preacher Stuart became wary of his surroundings before noticing another boy entering a door labeled as only for personnel. Thinking this was the right way to the "lower levels" Stuart followed the boy, going through the door and descending a flight of stairs which led to a vault-like door which the boy was struggling to open. Stuart offered to help the boy, who was seemingly younger than Stuart and wearing an eye-patch over his left eye, but the latter at that moment was able to open the door and recognizing Stuart as the new boy he introduced himself as Joey and rushed into the dark long hallway that was behind the door. As Stuart steadily followed behind, Joey informed from afar to just walk straight and upon encountering the wall ahead to turn right, and warned him about the wolf inhabiting the areas, instructing him to face the wall if he encountered it and close the door behind in order to not let it in, much to Stuart’s shock. While walking, Clovis suddenly appeared behind Stuart and quickly left something in his back pocket and telling him to open it when he was ready to meet him before quickly disappearing. When finally facing the wall Stuart became confused to where he should turn before correctly summarizing to the right and arriving at the staff living quarters where Joey directed him to his bunk before leaving to finish his job, leaving Stuart to sleep on his bunk.

When Stuart awoke he immediately saw another kid wearing butcher clothes holding a teddy bear in front of him. The kid, using the bear to speak through, introduced themself as Espen and told Stuart to talk to Joey to see what job he had been assigned to. Stuart was a bit startled by Espen's behavior, but nonetheless he did as he was instructed and went to Joey, questioning him about Espen to which Joey replied that Stuart had nothing to worry about as long as he didn't mess with Morgan and seeing that Stuart slept mostly during the day he assigned him to The First Hound pub where Stuart would be working as a shoe shiner. Stuart then questioned Joey about the wolf but the latter informed him that he knew nothing else about it, apart that Morgan often referred to it as Fred, who unbeknownst to Stuart was in fact Fredrick who had made a deal with Morgan. After leaving Joey to his own work Stuart checked his back pocket only to find a letter written by Clovis informing him that he should meet her inside the Reactor Room near the staff living quarters and bring his sword with him. Stuart proceeded to take what he was requested and began making his way through the pitch dark hall but because of the darkness he accidentally ran his foot to the wall in front of him, causing him to scream in pain. Clovis heard the scream and went to Stuart and brought him inside the Reactor Room. After checking his foot, Clovis asked Stuart if he had seen something odd about Haven Harbor to which he replied that he was baffled by the architecture and that it was more of a sweatshop than a home and told Clovis about Espen and how they and Morgan may have dabbling in summoning rituals given their access to large mercury reserves. Clovis then told Stuart how she saw ten generators like the one near them functioning way better than they should normally work via unknown means and Stuart summarized that apart from supplying Haven Harbor with energy the other generators served supply energy to the nearby towns so Morgan could have some control over them. Stuart then informed Clovis about a wolf roaming around named Fred, startling Clovis who instructed him to keep a journal writing anything strange and telling him that they would practice their lessons in the ensuing days before leaving Stuart to go to work.

As Stuart went to The First Hound where Stuart remained in a corner and waited for drunken clients to come to him and polish their shoes while agreeing to anything they said. After the pub was closed at 6:30 AM, Stuart was told to clean the floor of the sludge left by the clients, noting how odd the liquid was but thinking nothing of it. The next day as the other kids wouldn't let Stuart sleep at all, he decided to go to the Reactor Room where he slept with Clovis while the generator's rhythmic noise was soothing to Stuart. When he went back to work, Stuart found out that the sludge was in fact a type of highly alcoholic drink named "Wolf's Pitch" which made the pub that popular. Stuart drank some of the weird and thick liquid, becoming drunk almost instantly, and despite this Stuart desired more of it and remarked it as familiar but Clovis understandingly told him to never drink that ever again. On the third day which was weekend, Stuart dreamed of his time as Siuward, condemning the Furies to their punishment before going along with Sari and sleeping together under the falling snow, at which point Stuart woke up and immediately wrote the dream in his journal. As he was unable to sleep afterwards, Stuart went to Clovis who decided to teach Stuart to play music as he could use magic through instruments instead of the sword, with Stuart choosing the guitar. On Sunday, Stuart along with the other residents was forced to attend Morgan's church gathering where he noticed how the attendants appeared to be hypnotized by Morgan. Morgan then had his assistant Espen present a restrained and gagged young girl named Rachel onto the pulpit, where Morgan explained that Rachel had become disobedient. Morgan then proceeded to use his surgical tools to perform a lobotomy on her through her eye while the attendants prayed, much to Stuart's shock and disgust. Following that horrible experience, Clovis comforted Stuart, convincing him to continue their lessons despite the Haven's wicked nature.

The next day, after finishing his work Stuart went to Joey since he suspected that Morgan was responsible for Joey's missing eye. When Stuart questioned him, Joey explained that Morgan performed a type of acts known as "faith healing" which involved various surgeries such as the "psychic surgery" Stuart witnessed the other day and told Stuart that he was one of Morgan's first victims whom he punished and made an example of. Joey proceeded to warn Stuart about looking into Morgan's affairs, but seeing that the latter was determined to bring Haven Harbor down he told Stuart of a secret spot below the stage in which Morgan performed, stating that he could use to go through the ventilation system and spy on Morgan whose room was adjacent to the staff living quarters. When preparing for his next lesson with Clovis, she had Stuart a bit of Wolf's Pitch in order for him to remember parts of his past life before telling him to use a guitar she gave to him to play "the first song that came to mind" which was a song he had played during his time as Siuward, which left Stuart confused. After finishing the lesson, Stuart went to his bed where he dreamed again about Sari, back before the war occurred when Siuward was Sari's teacher and passed time together. The next morning, Stuart decided to find more about Espen since he knew nothing about them except that they were Morgan's assistant and decided to follow them after finishing his shift. However, while following Espen the wolf came from behind and Stuart and tackled him to the ground, injuring his neck, before leaving him behind as Espen opened a door for the wolf to enter the room behind it. After regaining himself Stuart watched as Espen sedated the wolf using the Wolf's Pitch before beginning to perform some type of surgery on it. Horrified by this, Stuart immediately left, but became even more determined to bring down Haven Harbor.

As part of his plan, Stuart decided to ditch his job as a shoe cleaner and instead work for The First Hound as a musician. After the pub was closed for that day, Stuart tried to convince the owner to let him perform on the stage, arguing that he was good in music. The owner begrudgingly allowed Stuart to show his talents to him, since the worst thing that could was happen was his time being wasted. Stuart immediately picked a guitar from the stage and began playing On The Banks Of The Wabas since that came first to his mind despite not having practiced the song enough. Although he played the song nervously, to his surprise he ended up impressing the owner who highly praised his performance and asked Stuart to start performing the next shift. Stuart overjoyed by this promised obeyed the owner and went straight to Clovis to tell her of the news. In light of this news, Clovis gifted Stuart a brand new magical black guitar for him to use during his performances. As Stuart's performances became successful, partly because of him using his natural magic, he decided to only perform on Sundays at ten o'clock of the morning in order to keep people from coming to Morgan's sermons. This worked as in the following days more and more people began coming to his performances while ditching Morgan's sermons, which angered Morgan since unbeknownst to Stuart the false preacher had made a deal with Fredrick in which they should have made the majority of Haven's income.

While Stuart was sleeping within the generator room, Morgan sent Espen to bring Stuart to him. When Stuart woke up he initially refused to go with Espen, but when the latter began threatening him with their pair of rusty scissors Stuart screamed to Clovis to help him. Clovis shortly arrived and threw Espen across the room and asked Stuart if he was alright before telling to get away from Haven Harbor. Stuart complied and ran through the dark hallway only to run into the Wolf who quickly knocked Stuart out and proceeded to grab him and bring him to Morgan. When Stuart regained himself he found that he had been stripped of clothing and was strapped to a gurney. Morgan explained to Stuart that he planned to perform his next sermon with him, but in the meantime he left Stuart alone with Espen. Stuart tried to talk to Espen which was pointless because since the latter didn't have their bear Espen would not respond back, and when Stuart began fearing that Espen had done something to Clovis he lashed out to them. After Stuart finished, Espen proceeded to put a large metal brace to his head to restrain his movement before moving into Morgan's chapel. Morgan proclaimed to church-goers that Stuart had sold his soul to a devil but would cleanse him the same way he did with his previous victims. Thankfully, both Clovis intervened and attacked Morgan, throwing one of the lit ceiling lights to Morgan, but also caught Stuart, which caused Morgan's pick to cut the left part of Stuart's face but missing his eye. As the sermon was ruined by Clovis who perceived as a devil, Morgan's deal with Fredrick ended which allowed Fredrick to also intervene in his wolf form and set the entire chapel afire, with Stuart suffering second-to-third degree burning across his torso and left arm and leg. Clovis freed Stuart and brought him back to Dr. Unsworth's office, while the entire Haven Harbor burned down along with Morgan.

As a result of this, Dr. Unsworth and Clovis decided to put Stuart under the doctor's custody, while Clovis became forced to leave him behind and join Fredrick, but not before leaving a note for him. When Stuart woke up, Unsworth was there to greet him, and told him of his injuries which he had treated. When Stuart asked where Clovis was, Unsworth told him that she was gone and left a note for him. At Stuart's request Unsworth read the note which explained to Stuart what had transpired in the chapel and the reason she left, but promising that next time they met she would never leave him again. As Stuart rested on his bed, Unsworth brought Stuart some water and one of Acacia's drawings which she did before he was an infant, depicting Clovis holding a black cat, which caused Stuart to feel alone and cry. Stuart went on to live with Dr. Unsworth until he became old and capable enough to take care of himself.

After graduating with a doctorate in literature Stuart was employed by the SCP Foundation as a field agent specializing in occult and folkloric themed anomalies. After becoming an agent for the Foundation in early 20th century he was stationed on Site-45 in Las Vegas where he assisted in containing various connected anomalies alongside other personnel like Agent Crowely, with the latter developing a close relationship with Stuart. When a ship was wrecked at the V███████ harbor, Crowely and other personnel investigated the wreck and discovered SCP-1913-1, the reborn form of Agathos, bringing her into the Foundation custody. However, this led to SCP-1913-2 and SCP-1913-3, the mangled bodies of Clovis and Fredrick, to attack the site containing 1913-1, forcing personnel to transport the cat-like sculpture via a vehicle which was also attacked by 1913-2 and 1913-3. This led to the formation of Convoy Omega-8, a team dedicated solely to the transport of 1913-1 and the capture of 1913-2 and 1913-3 which included Stuart and Sarah Crowely. During their supplying at Site-45-A the team was once again attacked by the duo, which prompted Stuart and Crowley to get hold of 1913-1 and try to arrive to the roof so they could evacuate, but accidentally ended up at a random lab where they got ambushed by the duo. They at first they didn't attack them, but after Stuart tried to retaliate by throwing a telescope at them, 1913-3 ordered 1913-2 to kill Hayward, but they stopped when coming across some rocks made out of sulfur. This allowed the Foundation to finally detain the entities and classify them as Euclid, while Stuart was put under intensive care for one month.

In the 40s when the Foundation got the custody of SCP-1903, a girl named Jackie Barter who was affected by an infohazardous mutation, Stuart had fellow personnel R.A. Jennings to write revisions 1 and 2 about 1903's description. While he was in the observatory reading about her, since he alongside other Foundation personnel was unaware of the full extent of 1903’s properties, Stuart noticed SCP-1903 trying to communicate with him. She just stared at Stuart who became startled at this before she shushed, possibly telling him not to spread the report about her. However, he was unable to realize this as this information led to both Stuart and Jennings being infected by the effects of SCP-1903 and developed an organic mask, and following his infection Stuart transferred to radio command while Jennings committed suicide. As a result of his infection, Stuart also began receiving hallucinations of SCP-1903’s job place where the masquerade balls took place.

Sometime in 1960, Floor 24 of Site-45 became affected by Anomalous Item #: 00553, a bulb that remained permanently lit, it was transformed into some sort of habitat designated SCP-1619 which was inhabited by SCP-1619-1, SCP-1619-1-A, SCP-1619-2-A, SCP-1619-2-B and SCP-1619-2-C. In 14th March of 1960, Stuart and Sarah, who had also been infected by 1903’s effects, were sent alongside a team to explore the anomaly. They were equipped with several domesticated instances of SCP-1619-2-C which were capable of killing the hostile instances of SCP-1619-1. However, their cover was quickly blown, causing the instances of 1619-1 to attack. After some days, Crowely's leg became contaminated by some paint of 1619-1 causing it to slowly melt, before Hayward and Sampson cleared the wound by urinating on it. Despite this, Crowely's leg lost a lot of flesh leaving it be gangrened, and because of this Crowely became a burden to Stuart and Sampson. Although Stuart refused to let her die, Sampson decided to kill her himself because she was slowing them down, causing Stuart to threaten him and forcing him to find the exit on his own. The corpse of Crowely then began to slowly be absorbed by SCP-1619-1-A, while Hayward simply watched her, since he was unable to do anything. Stuart was left to find the exit on his own, but as days went by his and Sampson's food ration began diminishing. He eventually came across a man who was responsible for the creation of the anomalies plaguing Floor 24. He explained to Stuart that after creating the anomalies following his wife’s suicide he had been trapped inside SCP-1619 unable to commit suicide and asked him to kill him in exchange for additional food and a map. Stuart seeing no other way complied with the man's request and killed him, at which point he obtained the map and after inscribing his report of his experience to his recorder he managed to find the elevator and exit SCP-1619. In the aftermath, the Foundation allowed him to take a leave due the distress the experience had caused him.

In 1991, SCP-1913 were able to breach containment and after reuniting began attacking various Foundation personnel, one of which included Site-45's director, Dr. Harold Crot, whose body was never found. Following, Dr. Crot's disappearance, Stuart replaced him as the new site director of Site-45 and was elevated to Level-5 personnel. When Crot returned as a woman named Harriot Crot, after befriending Fredrick, Agatha and the other Furies who had redeemed themselves while residing within SCP-6167, Stuart had been on a vacation. When he was called back to Site-45, Harriot had managed to escape with the assistance of fellow personnel Dennis Toki and following this the Foundation prevented Hayward from accessing the file regarding SCP-6167.

Death and Resurrection

At some point while working for the Foundation, Stuart died under mysterious circumstances in 1998. His soul was somehow claimed by Prometheus Labs, Inc., a technological company created by the Furies after escaping SCP-6167, and stored in the first underground floor of the company's main base which housed a large kennel, a large electronics sector, and a small green house. Clovis was also claimed by Prometheus, now existing as a sapient text file inhabiting a laptop and several combat drones. Seeing that Stuart was there with her, she used the drones to carry several cats from the kennel to the electronic sector where she would kill them and harvest their body parts to create a new body for Stuart to inhabit. Shortly after being revived, Stuart panicked and escaped from her by retreating to the floor's security station with closed shutters where he noticed that he could affect cameras recording him. Using his properties Stuart explained to anyone who would be watching the recording who he was the situation he was currently in. Clovis seeing that Stuart would not be complying willingly with her, decided to rename herself Sarah_Crowely.txt and use a computerize voice to trick him she was Sarah. Stuart allowed the drones to slip the laptop under the shutters and put it on a desk in order to talk with "Sarah" and began asking personal and trivial questions in order to be certain it was her. Clovis was able to answer correctly all of his questions since unbeknownst to him she had copied Sarah's memories since Sarah was also brought back by Prometheus but in a different base. Stuart became almost convinced that it was Sarah, but still feeling uncertain decided to slip the entity claiming to be Sarah an auditory cognitohazard that would kill them both if one of them were to say it. As Stuart pushed the laptop containing "Sarah" onto a swivel chair, she screamed at him over his carelessness to which he apologized. He then inspected her contents only to see a complicated cognitohazard that caused people's souls to leave their bodies and replaced with something else and figured that someone had planned their resurrection ahead of their deaths. As they began “catching up” with one another, "Sarah" revealed to Stuart that she could actually hear his voice and wasn’t reading the subtitles he put on her laptop which led to her asking if turning themselves over to the Foundation was the right thing to which Stuart argued that they’d be in danger out there in the public and the Foundation was the best option when compared to other groups and was hopeful that the organization could even help them in their situation.

Eventually, Stuart approached a security console and found out the truth behind his creation and "Sarah" while also discovering that she prevented Foundation personnel from entering the floor. Stuart confronted "Sarah" about this and she revealed her plan to have people look into her cognitohazard before proceeding to accuse Stuart of intentionally letting the real Sarah to die. Stuart angered by this, revealed to her that could directly kill her by stating the kill word and forced her to shut down the drones and let the Foundation capture them. "Sarah" begrudgingly complied while leaving the reason of her machinations undisclosed, causing Stuart to attack her before the task force agents arrived to detain both of them. Stuart was then designated SCP-2999-B and put inside Site-45's Secure Holding Cell 369 where he would be fed yarrow in order to keep his body from crumbling while expressing fear that the entity which claimed to be Sarah, designated SCP-2999-A, might still be out there in the worldwide web, but Foundation were unable to find evidence supporting his suspicions.

Near the end of 2013, Stuart was able to breach containment and began wandering around the site, until he came across Sarah who had become a semi-corporeal entity possessing a rabbit doll. Sarah was able to deduce that the creature resembling a cat was Stuart and tried to embrace him, but due to Clovis' manipulation he was at first distrustful of her. Sarah eventually managed to convince Stuart that it was her and the two embraced one another and explained to each other their journeys while apart. However, after some time the alarm activated and a technician arrived to get hold of Stuart with the intention of taking him back to his containment cell as per protocol, momentarily separating the two lovers.

In 2020, Stuart fully remembered his past life as Crafter but refused to acknowledge it as he couldn’t accept being the same species as Fredrick, Agathos or Clovis. He was able to breach containment again and set out to find Sarah again, going to the site's gym where they used to hang out. While there Stuart fell asleep as he found the cold floor comforting before being awoken up by Sarah. As they embraced each other Sarah told him about their original lives, but as she tried to sympathize with the Furies, Stuart freaked out as he refused to compare himself to the monsters that their former friends had become and thought that Sarah wasn't the real one but an impostor as before. He used the site's speakers to stunt Sarah in order to escape her, crawling around the corner of the locker room where he entered Sarah's locker and slowly went to sleep while remembering their time as humans.


Siuward prior to becoming human, resembled a black cat, although just like the other animals of Eden he was capable of changing his form. After being reincarnated as a human, Siuward had the appearance of an English man, standing at 1.68 m tall. Following his infection from SCP-1903, Hayward's face grew an organic white cat mask which somewhat resembled his previous form. After becoming SCP-2999-B, Hayward took the form of a taxidermied skeleton of a black adolescent house cat, held together through leather straps, black tape, string, and super-glue, partially composed of common yarrow.

Powers and Abilities

In his previous life as a demiurge crafter, Siuward was seemingly immortal and a powerful reality-bender who helped construct Eden, and was also affiliated with music, being capable of using music to stop both Fredrick and Agathos. After reincarnating as a human, Stuart lost all of his powers and at a very early age he showed great intelligence which would earn him a spot at the Foundation, and was also taught various magic spells by Clovis who noted that he had great affinity with magic. As SCP-2999-B, Stuart became a sapient skeleton of a black cat which despite the fragile appearance was very durable as Stuart could regenerate from wounds, but could regenerate only when consuming additional yarrow that disappeared through his throat and if not fed yarrow then Stuart's body would slowly crumble. Stuart also gained the ability to partially manipulate video equipment that view him, as he could include subtitles to communicate and when another person was included with him in a video or photograph then that person's appearance would be altered to resemble that of Clovis which was based on Stuart's hallucinations.


In his previous life, Siuward was shown to be kind, compassionate and loyal their Maker. He seemed to dearly love his friends and fellow animals, and he especially loved his partner Sari. Despite being the one who gave the orders to punish the Furies, he and Sari deeply regretted this action, because they still felt sympathy for their former friends. As Stuart Hayward, he had become groggy as a result of having a different sleep schedule in order to properly take care of Acacia whom he loved. He hated the idea of living in an orphanage due to the poor conditions, while he greatly valued books as spend time reading them and after finishing would return them back to the abandoned library. After meeting Clovis he was at first distrustful of her, but as she took care of him the two formed a deep bond between each other, with Stuart even referring to her as his mother. Stuart would get nervous while on stage but became confident when using a special guitar gifted to him by Clovis, and when performing he would only care about his song and not about the audience’s feelings towards him. While in the Foundation he was described as committed to his work but also a solitary type. After he was reunited with Sari, who had become Sarah Crowely, the two fell deeply in love with each other all over again, spending time together as much as possible and enjoying passing time together. He and Sarah also supported their fellow personnel Dr. Harold Crot about his transgender nature. However, after being betrayed and tricked by Clovis Stuart became paranoid as he was unsure whether the reborn form of Sarah was the real her and despised being compared to the Furies whom he still considered as evil wild monsters.





  • Stuart liked the book Against Nature by Joris-Karl Huysmans.
  • Stuart loved drinking chamomile tea.
  • Stuart was an atheist, although in his past life he served the Maker.
  • In 2014, Hayward and Crowely would be 126 years old each.
  • Stuart is one of the few Foundation employees who have been turned into SCPs.

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