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Stuart McCormick, initially named Eddie McCormick, is Kenny McCormick's alcoholic father. He is voiced by Matt Stone.



Being a heavy alcoholic, Stuart is drunk most of the time. He is shown to often argue and abuse his wife, but it appears to go both ways, as in some episodes, his wife, Carol, berates him without direct provocation. Although he and his wife have been shown physically abusing each other, it has never been shown or implied that Stuart abuses his children. When he is sober, he is very loving and caring to his wife. In "Cartman Joins NAMBLA," the two of them decided to have another child. When Kenny, trying to kill the unborn baby, offered his mother a drink, which he had blended a whole bottle of abortion pills into, and she explained that she couldn't take alcohol while pregnant, Stuart offered to drink it for her. He also tried to stop Kenny when he tried to plunge the baby out of his wife and at the end is the one to suggest they name the baby Kenny.

In the episode "Mysterion Rises" it is revealed that Stuart and Carol had been part of a cult centered around Cthulhu ten years before the series' events and that he had been with Carol at the time. He and his wife claim to have been extremely drunk while there, something Kenny does not question. It is also revealed that Kenny, disguised as Mysterion, has been scaring Stuart and Carol not to get high at night, fight as much, and to pay their children allowances.