Stuart Redman is one of the main heroes of the Stephen King Apocalyptic thriller, The Stand. He was played by Gary Sinise.


A brilliant and kept to himself person, who hailed from Arnette, TX and was at his buddy's gas station on the night Campion makes his arrival there. He is the 1st guy to be noticed with being immune to the superflu and is taken by government officals, 1st to the Atlanta Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), then to the fictional Stovington, Vermont plague place. He escapes from the Stovington facility after a government employee tries to kill him, it's probably because Redman knows too much or something. After spending time in New England for days, Redman meets Glen Bateman, another hero and retired assoicate professor, and then he meets heroine and love interest, Frances Goldsmith, and Harold Lauder, later a villain and a nerd, as well.

Then Redman and Goldsmith get into a deep relationship hence love interest and accepting the little kid inside of Goldsmith and yet their relationship is threatened be Lauder, who has a crush on Goldsmith. Soon Redman rises to authority in the Free Zone and becomes the speaker for the Free Zone Committee and he also becomes the 1st marshal. After an attack by Lauder and Cross, Mother Abagail tells him to go to Las Vegas to confront the evil Randall Flagg.

With Bateman, Brentner, and Underwood, they travel to Las Vegas but along the way he breaks his leg in Utah and remains behind with Bateman's dog, Kojak. Redman gets pneumonia, due his injury and hypothermia, and see the later destroyed Las Vegas, thanks to Trashcan man and the hand of God and Mother Abagail. He gets nursed back to health by Tom Cullen, hero and big guy with a disability, and later they return to Boulder, Colorado and Goldsmith has given birth to the 1st known post-plague kid. The 2 of them leave Boulder to raise their fam in Maine and Goldsmith is pregnant again.

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