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Su-Han is the supporting character of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, debuting in the season 4 episode, Furious Fu. He is a celestial guardian of the Miraculous. Likewise, he is a traditionalist and initially disapproves of Marinette.


Su-Han is an light-skinned elderly man who has brown eyes and gray eyebrows. He is bald and has a strong jaw. Additionally, Su-Han wears a red and brown guardian monk suit while carrying a staff. He also wears old and torn shoes.


Su-Han is very dedicated at his job, strictly following the rules. He is also stern and dismissive towards Marinette when she violated the rules. Likewise, Su-Han shows very little respect for those who can’t properly take care of the Miracle Box, as shown with how he disregards Master Fu for devastating the temple and losing two Miraculouses. However, he is baffled by modern technology such as televisions and cell phones, as he believes a character is trapped in Marinette’s computer. As the episode progresses, Su-Han starts to warm up toward Marinette, as he agrees to let the latter keep the Mother Box at the end because her methods, though unorthodox and in defiance of Guardian rules, are effective and her instincts are sound.


Su-Han is very proficent in the hand-to-hand combat style, Mirakung Fu, a style specifically designed for combating rogue Miraculous wielders. He was able to easily overpower and defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir.

He can use a special technique that can repel akumas by calling upon a "whirlwind of wisdom" by saying "the virtuous wind resists the temptation" and repeating "My anger is mine, but I am not my anger".

Because he is a guardian, he can decipher the code in the Miraculous spellbook. He is also likely able to improve the health and read the energies of kwamis.


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