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Hero Overview
I've always had this way of somehow managing to squeak through anything? Like schoolwork and sports for instance. But... somewhere along the way... I stopped being the best at things I always used to excel at. What used to be my "best" grew smaller and smaller. I started thinking it was all pointless, I made no sense. Working my hardest at school seemed stupid. And whats the big deal about being a fast runner? Making everyone laugh seemed way cooler to me, and I was way better at it. And I quickly learned that if I kept that up, I'd always have to do something even bigger the next time around. Can if people think I'm boring. I figured I could do anything. I made everybody think I would do anything. So the stuff I did ended up being progressively dumber. I was out of control, I wasn't thinking. I knew they were a bunch of idiots. I wanted them to believe that they couldn't have this much fun without me. And we'd break up the boring times doing pointless crap for fun, with or without regrets. So I decided I'd set my sights higher. But the next thing I knew, after taking a good look around... I found there was no one left but me. It was right then and there when I finally realized, despite all my efforts to be the center of attention... there was nothing special about me at all. From that moment on, I just tried to be invisible, doing my best not to stand out. And that's how I made it all through middle school, things changed after that... Honestly, I really blew my high school debut in a big way. It was bound to happen though. I'd never had any real relationships up to that point. High school wasn't gonna be any better. And then, one day, it kinda hit me... I just... didn't want to go to school, at all. Everything snowballed from there. I skipped school once a week, then once every three days, then every other day... It didn't even take me three months, before I'd stopped going there altogether. But somehow, no matter how pathetic I was, you and Mom just treated me the same way, like it didn't make any difference. I think that's what scared me most of all. I wanted you to say, "I don't love you." Or "I can't stand you." Or maybe even "You are not my son." I really hoped you'd tell me that and then throw me out. I wanted you to just make me give it all up.
~ Subaru reflecting on his past with a vision of his father.

Subaru Natsuki is the main protagonist of the Japanese light novel, manga and anime series Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World. He also appears in several tie-in games. Outside of Re:Zero, Subaru is one of the four main protagonists (alongside Ainz Ooal Gown, Kazuma Satou, and Tanya von Degurechaff) in Isekai Quartet, a comedy crossover anime featuring characters from several properties of the "Isekai" genre of anime.

He was originally a Japanese teenage layabout who was summoned to the fantasy world by Satella, the Witch of Envy. Satella, who claimed to be in love with Subaru, bestowed the "Return by Death" ability on him. This ability allowed Subaru to return to a previous point in time upon his death with his memories intact.

After being saved by the royal selection candidate Emilia, Subaru fell deeply in love with the girl. His main objective became to secure victory for her in the royal selection, ensuring she would become the next ruler of the great nation Lugunica. Furthermore, he sought to correct society's judgement of Emilia, who received unjust racial discrimination because of her silver hair and half-elf blood.

During his adventures he was accompanied by Rem, a demon maid who showed him unconditional love, care and loyalty. Although he still loved Emilia, Rem's unyielding faith in him made Subaru fall for her. Shortly after Subaru confessed his true feelings to Rem, she was attacked by Lye Batenkaitos who devoured her name and memories. In the aftermath of Batenkaitos' attack, Rem was left in a coma-like state where only Subaru could remember her existence. Subaru's main objective became the restoration of Rem's mind, although he still did everything in his power to accomplish his original goal.

Subaru is voiced by Yūsuke Kobayashi in the anime adaptation's Japanese version, and by Sean Chiplock in the English version. Kobayashi's other heroic roles include Byleth in the Fire Emblem franchise and Senku Ishigami in Dr. Stone. Chiplock's other heroic roles include Guido Mista in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Yuuki Mishima in Persona 5, Dante Mogro in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Kiyotaka Ishimaru in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, and Rean Schwarzer in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel.


Subaru Natsuki Lost in Memories

Subaru Natsuki briefly after arriving in Lugunica.

Subaru Natsuki, as a Japanese boy, was of Asian ethnicity. Subaru was the kind of person who would fit in perfectly with a crowd as there weren't any features on him that made him noticeable. He was a bit muscular due to the workouts he performed at home back in Japan and stood at 5'8" tall, making him roughly average height. Generally speaking, Subaru took after his mother Naoko Natsuki more then his father Kenichi Natsuki. One of the features he noticeably received from his mother were his eyes, which had small irises, so the whites of his eyes stood out. These eyes, which were brown, were considered intimidating by most people who saw them, although some individuals such as Emilia liked them. His hair, which was one of the few traits inherited from his father, was short, black and swept backwards.

After being summoned to the other world, Subaru no longer sank into the crowds like he did in Japan, as the black hair and strange clothes he wore were both characteristics that drew the eyes of strangers. After dying several times and returning with Return by Death, Subaru's eyes began to take on a new quality due to the traumatic events he'd experienced. Wilhelm van Astrea saw the new look in Natsuki's eyes, noting that the boy had seen death many times and was likely to see it again at some point.

In the Sloth What-IF story, where Natsuki chose to abandon Emilia to run away with Rem, Subaru's hair was longer. Although he kept his basic hairstyle, Subaru now had a clump of hair tied up in a ponytail.


While Subaru tends to not read the situations he encounters, ultimately leading him to make irrational decisions, he is loyal to those he holds dear, willing to help them, even if that means taking the thorny path. He has his resolve confirmed through the many situations and circumstances he faces in the fantasy world, originally having been one to always take the 'easy' route. As a shut-in NEET, he is hopeful of the possibilities that being sucked into a new realm brings, but later realizes the realities of the predicament he is in. Eventually, he resolves himself to be faithful and protective of the ones that he cares most about.


Life in Japan

Subaru Natsuki was an ordinary boy, born on Earth, the third planet in the solar system, to a middle-class family in the nation of Japan. His father was Kenichi Natsuki and his mother was Naoko Natsuki. Of the pair, Subaru took after his mother more physically, having the same scary eyes that she did. Ever since he was little, Subaru, as his father's son, had tall expectations placed on his shoulders by the community.
Subaru wins at sports

Subaru, as a child, celebrating his victory at a sport event.

When he was little Subaru always met these expectations, exceeding at everything he did including schoolwork and sports. However, as he grew older, Natsuki began trailing behind his peers, making the boy feel poorly of himself. In an attempt to feel as though he still had value, Subaru began acting out, leading his friends to do dangerous and fun things that earned him their appreciation. As time flew past, Subaru continued to do more and more foolish things, until he realized that his friends had left him behind. Despite his trouble making spree, Subaru never got into a fight.

In his mind, Subaru convinced himself there was nothing special about him as he had failed to live up to the expectations placed on him. Moving forward, Subaru tried his best not to stand out, which is what helped him get through middle school. During his high school debut, Subaru earnestly tried to make friends, however, his over-zealousness turned people off. After a while, Natsuki realized there was no point going to school, so spent a majority of his time lazing around at home playing video games, reading manga, and watching anime, essentially wasting his life away on frivolous endeavours.

Another World

What's going on? I'd say I was dreaming, but this is obviously really happening. Totally not fake. So does this mean... I've been summoned, across the universe, to another woooorld!?
~ Subaru coming to the realization that he is no longer on Earth.
One night, Subaru left home to stock up on supplies at his local convenience store. As he left the house, his mother told him to "take care" with a smile on her face, although he merely ignored the woman. At the store, Subaru flicked through a manga he found on the shelves, criticising the comic to himself for its predictable narrative. He briefly looked up from his book to see a couple his age blissfully wandering under the night sky outside the store, gazing jealously as they walked by. After putting the manga away, Subaru moved into the food section and picked up a few snacks before moving to the counter to pay.
Subaru leaving the convenience store

Subaru leaving his local convenience store before his summoning.

Ruffling through his wallet, Subaru drew out a ten-yen coin with a jagged edge which he proceeded to put back into his wallet before paying with the rest of his money. As he walked out of the store and into the dimly lit parking lot, a car drove past the deserted area, briefly making Subaru pause. As he began walking again, the space around Subaru distorted as he reached the road, making him pause in confusion. Thinking his eyes were tired due to his gaming sessions, Subaru rubbed his eyes, only to discover his surroundings had changed once he opened them.

The streets were bustling, the sun framed the sky, and the buildings resembled medieval European architecture. Furthermore, many of the people around Subaru looked like anthropomorphic animals. Subaru stood completely dazed for a moment before assessing his surroundings out loud, affirming to himself that what he was seeing was reality and not a dream. The realization dawned on Natsuki that he had been transported to another world across the universe in a similar manner to many fantasy animes he'd seen. Shocked at this sudden inexplicable occurrence, Subaru screamed his realization to the heavens.

Powers & Abilities

Shadow Magic: In the fantasy world, individuals were capable of manipulating magical energy because of a "gate" that existed within every person's body. This gate would draw mana into a body as well as expel it out, functioning as a kind of faucet for magical energy. Each person possessed a different elemental attribute that allowed them to produce magical spells related to that element. Of the six elements, Subaru's designated element was shadow, a fairly rare attribute. The first time Subaru tried to use shadow magic, his gate ignored his will and erupted, forcing all of his pent-up mana out of his body in a massive cloud of black smoke. After that, Subaru was able to learn the "Shamak" technique, a beginner power that disabled an opponent's sense of their surroundings, placing them in a illusory state of darkness. Considering that Shamak was the only spell Subaru could use, Natsuki was very fond of it.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: While he is not a skilled warrior like Reinhard and his other companions, he is shown to have a basic grasp of melee combat and was able to briefly hold his own against Elsa, as well as shown by his aptitude in dodging Felt's swings when confused for an intruder. He also demonstrates strength in holding back the thugs that assailed him.

Parkour: During the several months after the incident at the Sanctuary, Subaru learns the basics of parkour from Clindand begins training himself.

Returns by Death (死に戻り Shinimodori): Returns the user to a "save point" after death. It has been suggested multiple times by various people that this ability is connected to the missing Authority of Pride, but nothing has been confirmed.

Authority (権能 Ken'nō): Subaru is currently able to use two Authorities, Sloth and Greed. His Returns by Death is also rumored to be an Authority but nothing has been confirmed.

Authority of Sloth (怠惰の権能 Taida no Ken'nō): Subaru gained the ability to use the Authority of Sloth after Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti's death

  • Unseen Hand (見えざる手 Miezaru Te)
    • The user can cause physical interference by creating an invisible force field in the shape of a hand. Subaru later renames this technique as Invisible Providence (インビジブル・プロヴィデンス Inbijiburu Purovidensu), though he is only able to control one hand and its range is minimal.

Patrasche (パトラッシュ): Patrasche is Subaru's black Earth Dragon that he officially received from Crusch for his efforts in the Hakugei battle. It is female and of the Diana species. Despite being of a species known for being feisty, Patrasche is extremely loyal to him, as she is willing to put her life on the line to serve him.

Spirit User (精霊使い Seirei Tsukai): Subaru is contracted with the Artificial Spirit Beatrice, though according to her he isn't a true Spirit User. She also has a terrible mana consumption rate and formerly got around his by draining mana from people in the mansion using the library as a medium. As she is an Artificial Spirit, she also has several conditions Subaru is forced to follow:

  • Subaru cannot form a contract with other Spirits
  • Beatrice cannot restore mana on her own
  • Beatrice cannot use the mana in the atmosphere
  • Beatrice can only drain mana from Subaru


Subaru is most commonly seen wearing the tracksuit that he was summoned in, which included deep-grey tracksuit bottoms, black sneakers with vibrant orange laces and soles, and a black shirt. Over the top of the shirt Natsuki wore a white zipped-up tracksuit jacket with a black brand symbol, deep-grey shoulders and sleeves, and orange edging and cuffs. He does have other outfits, including the butler's clothes he wore when serving at the Roswaal mansion.

During his adventure in the Pleiades Watchtower, Subaru wore an outfit better suited for travelling. The outfit in question consisted of an orange scarf that matched the color featured on his track suit, black trousers tucked into lighter brown boots with black lacing, a black shirt that matched the shade of his trousers, a light brown buttoned blazer worn atop the shirt that ensured that only the shirt's collar was visible, a brown belt matching the shade of the boots, and an open green jacket. He also occasionally wore a long black hooded cloak alongside the outfit.

When Rem journeyed into mabeast-infested territory alone, the villagers of Irlam lent Subaru the best sword in the village so he could go after her. During the resulting battle, the sword snapped when Subaru tried to use it to support his and Ram's combined weight over a cliff face. Despite the damage done to it, Subaru continued to use the sword for the rest of the night. After the incident at the Sanctuary, Subaru began using a whip as he primary weapon.

List of Appearances

Anime Adaptation
  • Episode 1: The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End (First appearance)
  • Episode 2: Reunion with the Witch
  • Episode 3: Starting Life from Zero in Another World
  • Episode 4: The Happy Roswaal Mansion Family
  • Episode 5: The Morning of Our Promise Is Still Distant
  • Episode 6: The Sound of Chains
  • Episode 7: Natsuki Subaru's Restart
  • Episode 8: I Cried, Cried My Lungs Out, and Stopped Crying
  • Episode 9: The Meaning of Courage
  • Episode 10: Fanatical Methods Like a Demon
  • Episode 11: Rem
  • Episode EX: Memory Snow
  • Episode EX: The Frozen Bond
  • Episode 12: Return to the Capital
  • Episode 13: Self-Proclaimed Knight Natsuki Subaru
  • Episode 14: The Sickness Called Despair
  • Episode 15: The Outside of Madness
  • Episode 16: The Greed of a Pig
  • Episode 17: Disgrace in the Extreme
  • Episode 18: From Zero
  • Episode 19: Battle Against the White Whale
  • Episode 20: Wilhelm van Astrea
  • Episode 21: A Wager That Defies Despair
  • Episode 22: A Flash of Sloth
  • Episode 23: Nefarious Sloth
  • Episode 24: The Self-Proclaimed Knight and the Greatest Knight
  • Episode 25: That's All This Story Is About
  • Episode 26: Each One's Promise
  • Episode 27: The Next Location
  • Episode 28: The Long-Awaited Reunion
  • Episode 29: Parent and Child
  • Episode 30: A Step Forward
  • Episode 31: The Maiden's Gospel
  • Episode 32: Friend
  • Episode 33: The Value of Life
  • Episode 34: Love Love Love Love Love Love You
  • Episode 35: I Know Hell
  • Episode 36: The Taste of Death
Manga Adaptation

Chapter 1: A Day in the Capital

  • Chapter 1: And God Said, "Don't Get Ahead of Yourself" (First appearance)
  • Chapter 2: Returning the Lap Pillow's Favor
  • Chapter 3: The End of the Beginning
  • Chapter 4: The Bitter Taste of Alcohol
  • Chapter 5: A Struggle Far Too Late
  • Chapter 6: Ending and Beginning
  • Chapter 7: The "Master Swordsman"
  • Chapter 8: Negotiations in the Slums
  • Chapter 9: Battle in the Loot Cellar
  • Chapter 10: The Power of the Master Swordsman
  • Chapter 11: Starting Life in Another World

Chapter 2: A Week at the Mansion

  • Chapter 0: A So-called Summoning to Another World
  • Chapter 1: The Next Day
  • Chapter 2: A Debt That Cannot Be Repaid
  • Chapter 3: Starting Working Life from Zero
  • Chapter 4: The Promised Morn Grows Distant
  • Chapter 5: The Lost Four Days
  • Chapter 6: The "Second" Week
  • Chapter 7: The Sound of Chains
  • Chapter 8: A Deadly Game of Tag
  • Chapter 9: "Hands"
  • Chapter 10: The Morning He Yearned For
  • Chapter 11: A Happy Nightmare
  • Chapter 12: Subaru Natsuki's Restart
  • Chapter 13: I Cried and Screamed and Will Cry No More
  • Chapter 14: Earlham Village, for the Third Time
  • Chapter 15: The Meaning of Courage
  • Chapter 16: Demon Beasts
  • Chapter 17: The Way of the Demonic 1
  • Chapter 18: The Way of the Demonic 2
  • Chapter 19: Rem
  • Chapter 20: Speaking About the Future

Chapter 3: Truth of Zero

  • Chapter 1: A Gentle, Early Morning
  • Chapter 2: The Orange Girl
  • Chapter 3: Shared Homeland
  • Chapter 4: The Royal Selection Begins
  • Chapter 5: Statement of Conviction
  • Chapter 6: The Silver-Haired Witch's Request
  • Chapter 7: Subaru Natsuki, the Self-Proclaimed Knight
  • Chapter 8: The Self-Declared Knight and the Knight Proper
  • Chapter 9: Alone
  • Chapter 10: A Decaying Mind
  • Chapter 11: A Situation in Motion
  • Chapter 12: The Illness Called Despair
  • Chapter 13: On the Verge of Madness
  • Chapter 14: Sloth
  • Chapter 15: The Return Toward the Truth
  • Chapter 16: Immature Negotiating
  • Chapter 17: Encounter
  • Chapter 18: At the Edge of Humiliation
  • Chapter 19: Won't Let Me Say the Words
  • Chapter 20: The Beast of the End
  • Chapter 21: Entreaty
  • Chapter 22: From Zero
  • Chapter 23: The Unplayed Card
  • Chapter 24: Prelude
  • Chapter 25: The Decisive Battle Begins
  • Chapter 26: The Battle of the White Whale
  • Chapter 27: Menace of the Mist
  • Chapter 28: A Gamble to Defy Despair
  • Chapter 29: The Truth Behind the Rampage
  • Chapter 30: The Giant Beast Falls
  • Chapter 31: Wilhelm van Astrea
  • Chapter 32: The Road to the Mathers Domain
  • Chapter 33: Squaring Past & Present
  • Chapter 34: A Beeline Toward Sloth
  • Chapter 35: Complications in Hunting the Cult
  • Chapter 36: Fight—
  • Chapter 37: Spirit Knight
  • Chapter 38: A Crafty "Sloth"
  • Chapter 39: Fulfilling a Promise
  • Chapter 40: Reunion x Send-off x Turnabout
  • Chapter 41: The Gospel Called "Warmth"
  • Chapter 42: The Madman and the Supporting Actor
  • Chapter 43: The Self-Proclaimed Knight Knight & the Finest of Knights
  • Chapter 44: Synchronized Vision
  • Chapter 45: The End of Sloth
  • Chapter 46: Pursuit
  • Chapter 47: The Gospel Called "Love"
  • Chapter 48: The Meaning of My Life Here
  • Chapter 49: It Was That Simple a Story
Isekai Quartet
  • Episode 1: Come Together! Quartet (First appearance)
  • Episode 2: Tension! Introductions
  • Episode 3: Deadlock! Classmates
  • Episode 4: Encounter! Classmates
  • Episode 5: Explosion! Talent Show
  • Episode 6: Decision! Class Rep
  • Episode 7: Carry Out! Class Rep
  • Episode 8: Prepare! Field Trip
  • Episode 9: Enjoy! Field Trip
  • Episode 10: Join In! Rivals
  • Episode 11: Work Together! Field Day
  • Episode 12: Band Together! Quartet
  • Episode 13: Join the Fight! Transfer Student
  • Episode 14: Sneak In! The Principal's Office
  • Episode 15: Uh-Oh! Detention!
  • Episode 16: Pinch! Test of Learning
  • Episode 17: Work Hard! Valentine's Day
  • Episode 18: Clash! Dodgeball
  • Episode 19: Excitement! Physicals Day
  • Episode 20: Challenge! Part Time Job
  • Episode 21: Investigate! First Errand
  • Episode 22: Rise Up! School Festival
  • Episode 23: It Begins! School Festival
  • Episode 24: The Show Begins! Showtime


  • According to the author, Subaru's birthday is April 1, and his birth flower is a Gypsophila elegans, or annual baby's breath.
  • In astronomy, "Subaru" is the Japanese name for the constellation Pleiades. Of which, seven stars in the constellation are named after the Seven Sisters, the daughters of Atlas and Pleione in classical mythology.

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