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This was supposed to be the Year of Sue!
~ Sue's frequent line throughout Season 6.

Sue Sue Heck is one of the five main characters of the sitcom The Middle and ironically she is the middle child of the Heck family with her younger brother being Brick and her older one Axl. She is an optimistic and intelligent young woman yet she has no confidence in herself. Despite this she is shown to have a handful of boyfriends throughout the series such as Brad, Matt and Darren; however none of these end up happily. After leaving for college in her final year, she was determined to leave her mark and make it a Year of Sue.


Season 1

In "Pilot", Sue becomes part of the school choir ... as part of the stage crew.

In "The Cheerleader", Sue fails to make the swim team and realizes that she needs glasses.

In "The Floating Anniversary", Sue has a crush and doesn't know how to tell the boy.

In "The Trip", After Sue raises thousands of dollars for the school by selling sausage and cheese to earn a trip to Indianapolis, she is left off the list to go on the trip.

In "The Block Party", Sue tries out for tennis ball girl.

In "The Front Door", Sue stresses over her school pictures, and decides to go for a retake, which in the end was a bad idea.

In "Thanksgiving", Sue has a boyfriend whom everyone but her thinks is gay.

In "The Jeans", Frankie buys Sue an expensive pair of jeans.

In "Valentine's Day", Sue's friend Carly "blossoms" after getting her braces off and this gets the two invited to a wild "Boy-Girl Party."

In "The Bee", Sue's birthday is forgotten so Frankie tries to make it up to her on the trip.

In "The Break-Up", Sue and Brick watch a zombie movie and have nightmares.

In "TV or Not TV", Sue dreams of being a model and starts saving the money to do so

In "Mother's Day", Sue is tormented because she stole a small novelty item.

In "Signals", Sue is enamored with a guitar-playing youth pastor who calls himself Reverend TimTom.

In "Average Rules", Sue's teachers still do not recall who she is. Sue is excited to be accepted on the school cross-country team.

Season 2

In "Homecoming", when she discovers that Sue's first cross-country meet is the same day as the homecoming game, Frankie's dream of escorting Axl across the field is put in jeopardy.

In "Halloween", Sue attends a church-sponsored Halloween event.

In "Errand Boy", Mike overhears one of Sue's friends talking about her behind her back.

In "A Simple Christmas", Axl builds Brick an igloo, and along with Sue, they set out to defend it from the Glossner boys.

In "The Big Chill", Axl must take care of an infant doll for health class, forcing Brick to bunk with Sue, where they accidentally make a hole in Sue's bedroom wall, which leads to them making the hole bigger by trying to fix it.

In "Super Sunday", Sue and Brad enter a square-dancing competition, but Sue can't dance at all.

In "Valentine's Day II", Sue finds the boy who kissed her during a Halloween hayrid.

Season 3


Season 4

In "The Name", she wanted change her middle name to Lily once, but she changed her mind at the last minute after someone commented that "Sue Sue" was an interesting, unique name.

Season 5

In "War of the Hecks", Sue finds out that Axl stole Orson High's Thundering Hens mascot head over a year ago, forcing Sue to wear an embarrassing chicken head in her role as the school mascot. Then she started a prank war and when it ends, Sue accidentally burns Axl's favorite shirt which makes Axl mad at her, she has been trying to apologize and she succeeds it when she rips her plush dog apart and she explains how much the siblinghood means to her.

In "Heck on a Hard Body", Sue is determined to win a car in an Ehlert Motors contest that requires her to keep her hand on the car longer than several other contestants. Mike's brother Rusty is homeless again, causing difficulty by both moving in and by accompanying Mike on a trip to Chicago for Brick's spelling bee. She wins but it turns out that instead of the car, she wins a trip to The Walt Disney World with the car.

Season 6

In "Unbraceable You", Sue starts her "Year of Sue" plan but she finds out that she and her brothers started school a week late. Later she learns that she is the only senior with braces still on. After she goes to the orthodontist, and even after 8 years of having braces and her teeth looking perfectly straight, Dr. Niller still says "See you in 3 months" due to her bones being spongy. Frankie stops him, and demands that he takes the braces off. They return home and Sue shows off her new straight teeth, which leave Axl without insults. Sue looks at her "straight" teeth in the mirror, only to find that they are rapidly shifting all over the place again. She becomes extremely upset, and thinks that this is the Universe's way of telling her that she should stop trying and give up. Sue returns to the orthodontist, and Dr. Niller tells her that he can fix the shifting completely without putting braces back on at all. Sue proceeds to wear a retainer for a year, and goes on to win her sought after school office of Sergeant-At-Arms.

In "The Answer", Sue accepted Darrin's marriage proposal (off-screen) and after her parents found out, they got shocked and started to scold her. She tried to cancel the wedding and after many failed attemps, she succeeds it which leads Sue and Darrin to break-up.

Season 7


Season 8


Season 9

In "A Heck of a Ride: Part 1", she is tried to have a moment with Axl before he left for Denver, but Axl avoided that as well as avoiding to hug her. Later she competed with Brick for Axl's car and she won. Later she caught Axl and Brick having a moment and she got mad for not getting her moment with Axl. However she got happy when she learned that Axl will miss her. After that she had a nice conversation with her brothers as she explained that being a middle child is not bad, making it the moment she wanted.


  • Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift.
  • She was born in February 29, 1996.
  • She is similar to Amy Farrah Fowler from the Big Bang Theory.
  • She is played by Eden Sher, who also voices Star Butterfly in Star Vs the Force of Evil.

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