Sue Lorman (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

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Sue Lorman is a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is a student at Midtown School of Science and Technology and a victim of the Snap. She is a minor character in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Sue is portrayed by Molly Fobbester.


Lorman was a student of Midtown School of Science and Technology in 2018 where Peter Parker went to. After completing midterms with the rest of her class, she died in Thanos' Snap alongside half of all life in the universe of 2018. She was also among that universal half that were resurrected by Hulk during "The Blip" in late-2023. Despite taking midterms in 2018, her five year absence mandated that she, like her blipped classmates, retake the 2023-2024 school year from zero.

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