Susan D. "Sue" Snell is the deuteragonist of Stephen King's first published novel Carrie and its film and stage musical adaptations, and the 1990's film sequel The Rage: Carrie 2. Sue is one of the "popular girls" associated with the vicious bully Chris Hargensen. Even she laughed at Carrie White when she menstruated in the shower, but later, she felt remorse when the gym teacher set up a boot camp-style detention for them. Sue accepted the punishment to show remorse and because going to the prom was important to her. She then became friends with Carrie.

In the novel, 1976 film, and musical, she was the sole survivor of the Black Prom, excluding Carrie who used her powers to kill her tormentors and anyone she thought was tormenting her, and who later died herself.

In the 2002 film, Sue, apart from helping Carrie, also tries to befriend Carrie, feeling guilt for her role in bullying her. In the end, she revives Carrie via CPR after she is almost drowned by her mother, and then drives her away to Florida so the latter can start a new life.

In the 1999 film's sequel The Rage: Carrie 2, Sue is and adult and a supporter for Carrie's half-sister and this film's protagonist Rachel Lang. Unfortunately, near the end of the film, she is accidently killed by Rachel when she used her telekinetic powers to seek vengeance on her tormentors. However, this story doesn't adapt with the book and can be disregarded.

In the 2013 version, she attempts to help Carrie as her house is crumbling. Carrie informs Sue that she is pregnant with Tommy's child and pushes her out of the house before it is demolished. She later leaves flowers at Carries grave.


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