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Suggs is a major character in 007 video game series, especially Everything or Nothing's.

He is a co-operative multiplayer mode as a playable (alongside Lotus, Regina, and Feng) and a fictional British intelligence operative who works for MI6.


He carried out three missions together with the other three agents: The first was in an isolated area in Tunisia near the Gulf of Gabes, to investigate an arms dealer known only as M. Sappho.

Arriving in the den they are attacked by the individual, but they manage to escape and kill him with explosions.

The second mission consists in the Andaman Sea, in a lair of a secret facility controlled by Dr. Lazarus Beam, an expert in the field of nano-lasers. They have to infiltrate and get answers on that.

As soon as they arrive and find the entrance to the mine and the laser facility, they deactivate the nanolaser generators and flee before the logo explodes.

The third and final mission takes place in Egypt: you have to help James Bond infiltrate the nanotechnology center to plant the bombs and then you have to find the way out.


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