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Suika full body apperence.

Suika is one of the two main female Protagonists of Dr. Stone (Along with Khoaku). She is a young girl from Ishigami villiage whose most notable feature is the watermellon helment that she wears for the majority of the series.

She was voiced by Karin Takahashi in the Japanese version, and by Sarah Wiedenheft in the English version.


Initial considered an outcast due to her nature of wearing a watermellon on her head (which is wear he name comes from). She quickly forms a strong connection with Senku who doesn't question why she is wearing the helment on her head and becomes one of the first and most valueable allies in the kingdom of science.


Inital a shy and very awkarded person, with the help from Senku and the other members of the kingdom of science she is able to come out of shell, being a very curious young girl about the world around her and the wonders that science can offer, such as giving her the ability to see.

She is also a very loyal individual, able to follow Senku's instructions without too much diffculty despite the danger that is involved.

She is also one of the bravest of the kingdom of science, such as when she lured Tsukasa's forces to the gas moutains and also when she was able to retrive the science lab from the Perseus despite it being under the command of Ibara at the time.

Eventhough she is brave, she is still very young and as such is aware and fearful for her life during dangerous mission but never the less is able to pull through and help the kingdom of science with it's mission to the best of it's ability.

She takes great pride in her stealth skills, being able to blend in with her surrondings is always enthusatstic when other praise her for her abilities and how useful they are.


  • During the time skip when she was the only human alive, Suika developed greater survival skills and understanding of science despite the risk to her own life. She also seems to have mastering amateur tailoring, as she revived Senku in a heavily stitched outfit.