Sulia Gaudeamus is the female protagonist in Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture. She is Terry Bogard's girlfriend and the younger sister of the film's main antagonist, Laocorn Gaudeamus. Sulia is revealed to be a 17-year-old girl, along with her best friend Athena.

She is voiced by Tomo Sakurai in the Japanese, Myriam Sirois in the VIZ dub and Christine Marie Cabanos in the Cloverway dub. She is also voiced by Madison Moellers in the VIZ dub and Carrie Savage in the Cloverway dub as a child.


Sulia is one of the last remaining descendants of Gaudeamus, a powerful conqueror who was said to even be feared by Alexander the Great. Gaudeamus was eventually killed by Alexander's generals and his armor was infused with Mars, the god of war. Mars continued to destroy the countryside until four wanderers defeated him. His armor was buried at different parts of the globe to prevent the deity from being resurrected.

Sometime before the story begins, Sulia's father and his partner discovered a pendant. Using this relic, they were able to locate a gauntlet of Mars' armor. However, the partner murdered her father to steal the credit. Since her mother died when she was young, Sulia and her twin brother, Laocorn Gaudeamus, lost their remaining guardians. Laocorn couldn't bear the injustice of the murder and confronted his father's partner. After a near-death struggle, Laocorn used the gauntlet to avenge his father's death and began to search for the other pieces. Sulia took the pendant and went to look for a strong fighter to help stop her brother. Hearing that Terry defeated Krauser, she begins the movie searching for him. Her brother sent a group of masked minions to prevent her success.

Once she finds him, he agrees and she is pleased to know that Andy, Mai, and Joe also want to assist. During their search for the pieces of armor, Sulia gradually falls for Terry. When he is injured after a bout with Jamin, she uses her healing powers to help him recover. After he hears about her past concerning her family, Terry promises to protect her from further harm. She also befriends her other helpers as their search deepens.

Despite their best efforts, Laocorn completes the Mars armor and is granted omnipotent powers. Not wanting her friends to face any more danger, she stabs herself in the chest with a sharp crystal shard. Laocorn felt the blow since the twins were linked psychologically and physically to one another. She pleads with Terry to punch her brother's chest and he reluctantly complies. This is enough to weaken the armor's hold on Laocorn and reverts him to his senses. Before she dies, Sulia expresses her gratitude to her friends and shares a parting kiss with Terry. While facing the resurrected Gaudeamus, Terry hears her voice calling his name and he can deliver the decisive blow.

In the Days of Memories series, Joe sends Terry a letter with old photos of her and Lily McGuire, which makes him exclaim their names aloud. When asked about it, he solemnly says that it's an old story.

The King of Fighters XI

Sulia did not appear in the game, but she appears in the film. After Proto Cupid's disappearance and revivals of everyone around the world, she reunites with Athena.

The King of Fighters: Summer Adventures

Sulia appears as a spirit along with Lily McGuire and tells the others that they are going to take the treasure chest.

After Krauser and his servants' defeat, Lily and Sulia arrive at the cruise. She is last seen joining in a rock band, performed by Athena Asamiya, her best friend, and she, along with Alice, her best friend, Jenet, Lily, Love and Shion in a rock band, singing "My Immortal". And finally, they sing "Tata za Pet".

The King of Fighters 3: 3 Girls and a Baby

Sulia plays as the second pig and is the main protagonist in the sixth and final SNK OVA.

The three girls, Athena, Sulia and Lily, become the target of a special-ops team of people, Boss Tuxedo, Jamin (her sworn enemy), Hauer, and other people. The team's plan to finally infiltrate the impenetrable house of bricks by leaving a baby girl on the unassuming girls' doorstep. The girls take the girl in and raise her as their own. The newest addition to their family, Jenet, grows up into her teens not knowing her history, role in the team's plan, or the difficult choice she will make about the family that raised her.


An intelligent and timid girl, she is polite and earnest to the people she meets, and this earns her a few admirers. Though she is filled with grief to see her older brother increasingly corrupted by Mars, Sulia is determined to bring him back to his old self. She admires Terry greatly for his kindness and generosity. As she dies, she tells him poignantly that she was happy to have known him.


  • Healing - thanks to her Gaudeamus blood, she can create a red (black in the special dub) healing aura. Her powers only work when someone's skin makes contact with the injury.
  • Psychic Link - Sulia shares a mysterious psychological and physical link with her older brother. Their bond became stronger as he collected more pieces of armor. This is how Athena Asamiya physically and psychologically links with Sulia, even though she helps her best friend throughout the Miraculous series.


  • Athena and Sulia both are psychic, because they are 17 years old in 1994.
    • Also, they are descendants of both ancestors: Princess Athena and Gaudeamus.
  • Terry and Sulia have shared their kiss since three times:
    • The first being the Fatal Fury movie, before she has died.
    • The second being the 11th episode of the Miraculous Animals series season two, in a flashback of Sulia's story.
    • The final being the 10th episode of the Miraculous Animals series season 3, which he succeeds in restoring Sulia's memories of being a superhero.
  • Sulia has a dislike for evil.


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