Roberta "Summer" Quinn is a character in the American television show Baywatch.

She was portrayed by Nicole Eggert in the TV series and later by Alexandra Daddario in the film version.

She was the youngest member of the Baywatch team and lived with her mother Jackie, who ran a restaurant called Jackie's Summer Place on the beach.

Physical Appearance

Summer was an athletic young woman with short blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a tattoo around her right ankle.

Summer was 17 years old when she joined Baywatch in season three. She was one of the smallest lifeguards at 157 cm (5' 2") and 50 kg (110 lb).


Summer was always working hard both with school and her lifeguarding duties. She and her mother Jackie had a mutual bond and she was good friends with her fellow lifeguards.

Skills and Abilities

Summer was a star athlete in her hometown and a champion swimmer. She could easily outrace more experienced lifeguards like lt. Holden in the water, in fact she could outrace the lieutenant on dry land as well. Incidentally, not only was Summer the character an outstanding swimmer but so too was the actress playing her.

Summer had no trouble in qualifying for the Baywatch rookie school. During the training she did physically well, but had to overcome mental difficulties like her acrophobia (fear of heights). She finished sixth in the final physical test and was one of the thirteen rookies to qualify for a position in Baywatch.

Like all Baywatch lifeguards Summer was expected to be able to handle all the land and water vehicles at their disposal, including the Baywatch pickup trucks, the quad bikes, the Scarab boats and the jet skis.

Before leaving Baywatch for university Summer had become an excellent lifeguard.



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  • Eggert auditioned for what was intended as a spin-off series about kids at Malibu High School. "I didn’t think I was ever going to be a ‘Baywatch’ lifeguard," she says. "I thought it was going to be sort of like '90210' at the beach."
  • Alexandra Paul who ended up playing Stephanie Holden, also tried for the role of Summer Quinn. Nicole got the role as she did better in the informal but demanding swimming audition and more importantly, Nicole could pass for a teenager.
  • Nicole soon discovered she was one of the strongest swimmers in the cast. “It’s kind of like a double-edged sword,” Eggert says. “I ended up in the water a lot more than other people at times because I was a strong swimmer." She recalls that she was once asked to swim slower, "I was asked to slow down so that I would not pass [Stephanie] as she was to reach the boat first."
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