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Thus kindly I scatter.
~ Summer's epitaph on the the Cliffside Altar
Her name was Summer Rose, and she was, like... Super-Mom: Baker of cookies and slayer of giant monsters.
~ Yang Xiao Long, talking about Summer.
Summer Rose is a posthumous protagonist in the world RWBY. is Ruby Rose's deceased mother. Her gravestone is an altar in the Cliffside Forest.



In Summer's more youthful days, she selected to Beacon Academy and turned into a part and leader of Team STRQ, alongside Taiyang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen and Qrow Branwen. She and the group in the long run graduated to wind up Huntsmen and Huntresses.

Sooner or later sometime down the road, Summer entered an relationship with Taiyang after Raven had abandoned him, the two having a little girl, Ruby Rose, and Summer took to bringing up Raven's little girl, Yang Xiao Long, too. Summer's family lived in Patch as she forgot frequently to convey missions. As indicated by Yang, Summer resembled a "Supermom", "dough puncher of treats" at home and "Slayer of Grimm Beasts" because of her Huntress profession.

It is uncovered by Qrow that Summer recognized and used her capacities through her silver eyes. It is obscure when and how she found her capacities and to what degree.


When Yang and Ruby were young, Summer went on a mission and never returned. Particular points of interest encompassing her destiny are undisclosed or obscure. As per Yang, Ruby was excessively youthful, making it impossible to almost certainly have the capacity to completely appreciate what had occurred.

Taiyang did not deal with the news so well as Ruby; Yang saying that he essentially "close down". It is after this that Yang learned Summer was the second love that he had lost, the main being Yang's mom, which makes Summer Yang's stepmother.


"Red" Trailer

Ruby is seen visiting Summer's Gravestone in the Cliffside Forest during the "Red Trailer".

Volume 2

In "Burning the Candle", Summer is made reference by Yang in her back story to Blake Belladonna, trying to get the previous to back off her examination, which Yang said was controlling her.

Volume 3

In "Round One" and "End of the Beginning", Ruby revisits Summer's Gravestone.

Volume 5

In "The More the Merrier" Ruby endeavors to influence Raven into joining the battle against Salem. Raven reacts, fairly scornfully, "You sound just like your mother", before starting the assault on Haven.



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