Sun is a Pokémon Trainer and the male protagonist in the games Pokémon Sun and MoonPokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and one of the two main protagonists alongside Moon, and at the end of the games, they become the first ever Champion of the Alola region.


Sun is shown to be wearing a black baseball cap with a white Poké Ball like symbol planted on the front, also having a blue brim. By default, he has neck length black hair and pale skin, with slate grey eyes and a smile on his face. He has a blue and white striped t-shirt, black and red cargo shorts that lead to blue and teal water shoes, wearing no socks underneath. He sports a gray Z-Ring on his left arm. His appearance is customizable, like that of Calem.

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Sun wears a new outfit, he wears a blue sleeveless shirt with a white Poké Ball logo, rather than a short sleeved shirt, he also wears white board shorts with black leggings underneath, red and white shoes and wears a black and red bucket hat.


Sun is shown to be caring for Pokémon, curious, and adventurous. His father is never seen in-game and he is alone with his mother and her Meowth.

In the games

When selected by the player

As the player, Sun is the main protagonist of the game, who moved to Alola from Kanto. Over the course of the game, Sun makes some new friends. He befriends Hau and Lillie, and meets her Cosmog, Nebby. He travels around the region, simultaneously enjoying his vacation and beating back Team Skull at the same time.

When not selected by the player

Unlike previous games, he does not appear if he is not selected by the player.

In the manga

Sun has a counterpart who shares his name. He is a courier.



  • Sun's old home region is Kanto.
  • Ash's outfit for traveling through the Alola region is based on Sun's default outfit.
  • Sun's Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon outfit is similar to Nate's as he wears shorts and leggings.


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