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One down, many more to go!
~ Sun Ce's victory quote.

Sun Ce (In Chinese: 孫策), also known as The Little Conqueror of Jiangdong (In Chinese: 江東小霸王), is a major protagonist in the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. He is a military general and warlord who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China.


Sun Ce was the eldest of six children of Sun Jian, a military general loyal to the emperor of the Han Dynasty. A few years after Emperor Ling's death, the warlord Dong Zhuo usurped power, enthroning Emperor Xian, whom he would handle like a puppet. The regional warlords in eastern China then formed a coalition against Dong Zhuo. Sun Jian lent his service to Yuan Shu, one of the leaders of the coalition. The attempt to overthrow Dong Zhuo failed and China entered a series of bloody civil wars. The following year, Sun Jian is being able to agree with Yuan Shu's advocacy and attacked Xiangyang, indicating that he was willing to confront the governor Liu Biao with these reflection efforts. The most terrible thing was that Sun Jian was abused by Liu Biao's subordinate Huang Zu and was shot dead by several arrows.

When Sun Ce brought his father's body to Qu'e for burial and calmed his mother before heading towards Danyang, where his uncle Wu Jing served as governor. There he assembled a small militia with a force of a few hundred. This small force was far from sufficient to establish its own independent force, Sun Ce later to served Yuan Shu and acted as his subordinate. Yuan Shu formed a very favorable opinion of Sun Ce and often regretted not having a son like him. In addition, Yuan Shu returned the former troops division of Sun Jian to Sun Ce. Yuan Shu promised to name Sun Ce governor of Jiujiang but eventually gave the government to Chen Ji. But later on, when the governor of Lujiang denied Yuan Shu a grain loan, he sent Sun Ce to attack him, promising Sun Ce to make him governor of Lujiang if he won.

Though Sun Ce did, however, Yuan Shu again retracted and named someone else in his place. The disappointed Sun Ce began to contemplate the possibility of leaving him. Meanwhile, Liu Yao, who was by imperial decree the governor of Yangzhou, occupied Qu'e, since the regional headquarters Shouchun was occupied by Yuan Shu. At some point, he then forced Wu Jing to return to the west, crossing the Yangtze River to Liyang. At that time, Wu Jing was often assaulted by threats from Liu Yao, though Wu Jing ordered to be designated as a filial and naive commanding officer. Then they should need to deny this static pressure and immediately lead the army to defeated the enemies, Yuan Shu did not know that Sun Ce would remind the ordinary consciousness to stay away from him.

Anyway, he would bring out a guide to be corrected and unless recognized this attitude to against Liu Yao. So he deployed young generals with only a thousand troops and a small cavalry force. Along with just over a hundred supporters, Sun Ce marched to Liyang, where he increased his strength to more than 5,000 men. He then launched an offensive across the Ian-tsé River and successfully occupied the strategic position of Niuzhu. Two of Liu Yao's allies then came from the south from Pengcheng and Xiapi respectively to help him. He chose to attack first one of them, Ze Rong, who had made a camp south of Moling. Since Sun Ce has received an intentional message, he instantly rushed to the another road of Xiakou to fight against Huang Zu, then turned around and grabbed the defensive Wan County.

For the way, Sun Ce tolerate the standard of those allowed everything when they are already to getting out, whether the imagination can be issued by his troops. However, Sun Ce encountered a difficult feeling when he was hunting in the woods, but he riding his horse and captured the deer, even though many guards could not chasing up. Suddenly, he was getting killed by Xu Gong. Right before dying, Sun Ce was able to hand over his messages to Sun Quan.


Sun Ce is an energetic, outgoing, brash, arrogant, and informal leader. He is charismatic and very popular with his troops and family. He is often does whatever he likes with a macho and confident attitude. He is proud of his traditions and battles, and he has a tendency to lose in excitement and forget his limits. Therefore, he relied on the wisdom and responsibility of his friend Zhou Yu to focus on him and get on the right track. He is grateful for any help and is working hard to repay his debt.


  • He also appears as a playable character in the Dynasty Warriors video game series.


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